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    Returning my iPhone Today!

    Yup i'm returning this overrated iPhone today, I don't mind paying 10% restocking fee. Blackberry Curve here i come!
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    Selling iPhone, possible?

    is it possible to sell your iPhone after activation?
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    phone charging takes forever

    I charge my phone from da computer n it takes so long. How about you guys
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    Hotmail for iPhone?

    i know they allow us to use yahoo, mac, and aol but what about hotmail for email? and how do you do mass email on your iPhone?
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    What is visual voicemail?

    I don't know what this mean? visual voicemail?
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    Transfer contact # from Treo to iPhone

    I was using a treo 650 and i want to transfer all of my contact number over to my iPhone, i have over 200 there a simple way to do this besides doing it manually? Thank You