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    Trying to get ringtones... please help

    ok, i bought a song with a ringtone symbol and created a ringtone with no problem... BUT... i bought a cd from best buy and put it on iTunes when i got home, and i searched for it on iTunes to see if they can be made ringtones, and they can... but on my music library there is no ringtone icon...
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    Account Balance Every time I Call/Text, HELP

    i used the prepaid method with a debit card... and every time i make a call or text, a notice pops up and tells me how much it costs, even if it costs nothing, like a nighttime call... its pretty annoying, does anyone know how to make this stop.. i couldn't figure it out, thx
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    Activation Email Question

    When you finally receive the activation email, do you need to click a link to activate it, or does the iPhone just start working when the email is sent? the reason is... I need to be at work in 2 hours and i was wondering, if i take my iPhone to work, will it just start working when email is...