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  1. FuelieNova

    iPhone X iPhone X to be discontinued?

    So I was reading iClairified they are reporting that the X will be discontinued later this year... Tg
  2. FuelieNova

    iPhone X So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    So I traded in my 8Plus for the X, had to pay almost $500 to do it but I have regretted not getting the X from the start. Hopefully people here will understand..... Tom
  3. FuelieNova

    What happened to the reviews?

    Just curious what happen to the reviews? I really miss them! Tom
  4. FuelieNova

    Disappointed in Apple, iMac crashing after upgrade to El Capitan

    Im disappointed in Apple, I downloaded and tried installing el capitan on my iMac that is only a year old and pretty much stock. Ofcourse it crashed and just keeps rebooting. After googling this I find many beta testers had this problem with 5&6... the fix was to restore from backup, go delete...
  5. FuelieNova

    Bought a watch yesterday

    So i bit the bullet and bought a apple watch yesterday. I went in planning to by the stainless steel with a black band watch and had a great young kid helping me. It was pretty cool because he was studying to be a physicians assistant and I just got out of the hospital, he was in no hurry to...
  6. FuelieNova

    Icon on task bar

    So i just purchased a MBA, both my home iMac and MBA have all the latest updates. How come when safari is opened on my iMac it shows a popup icon at the left of my dock on my MBA that says safari iMac? Sometimes this is annoying. Tom
  7. FuelieNova

    MacBook Air Got lucky on MBA

    Wow I got lucky. I have been thinking about a 13.3" MBA, was going to buy a refurb from Apple. Just happen to logon to best buy Saturday and they had the MBA on sale for $799. Now I wonder why it took so long.... Tom
  8. FuelieNova

    NFL cases for the iPhone 6 Plus?

    I have been searching but have not found any NFL cases for the 6 plus. Anyone else have luck? Tom
  9. FuelieNova

    Google and iOS 8

    So.... my daughters mother in law swears when her friend boots up her iPhone it goes straight to Google search. I am not aware of this, is anyone else? I don't think there is a way to bypass going to the app screen IMO. Thanks Tom
  10. FuelieNova

    iPhone 5 gets hot and won't hold charge

    I was using my iPhone 5 that was just replaced in the last month from Apple, the iPhone started getting pretty warm and battery level dropped 50% in 15 min. Charged it with a wall charger overnight and in the morning it was only 73% and hot. Let the battery drain completely down and tried to...
  11. FuelieNova

    iMac iMac SSD drive...

    Well i am going to byte the bullet and install a SSD hard drive in my iMac. I got a Samsung 840 Pro drive for a good price and going to use the OWC kit to install. I am thinking about doing a fresh install of ML and all my applications on the SSD and then keeping my pictures on the original HD...
  12. FuelieNova

    iOS6 GM and texting problems...

    I updated to iOs 6 GM and now only iMessage works. SMS or MMS does not work. I tried reseting network setting with no help. I am now restoring as a new phone to see if that helps. Crap Tom
  13. FuelieNova

    Anyone have an Mountain Lion surprises? I did...

    Just curious if anyone has had any problems after installing ML? After I installed I found out VMFusion does not work with it. They do have a new beta version out that took care of the problem! I thought I had lost all my stuff for one OLD work app that has to run in Windoze but they were very...
  14. FuelieNova

    USB app

    So.... Is there any cydia app that will allow me to import files from a USB stick to my iPad? Tom
  15. FuelieNova

    5.1.1 attachment app?

    Are there any attachment apps for email on 5.1.1 ? I looked at any attach but it's not compatible. I downloaded attacher but still can't figure out how to use it. Thanks Tom
  16. FuelieNova

    Using iPad more and more each day

    I never realized I would use my new iPad do much! It's much nicer to use when waiting in the airport than my iPhone! Glad I finally took the plunge! Tom
  17. FuelieNova

    Downgrade from 5.1 beta 3 to 5.0.1 w/o blobs

    Does anyone know if I can downgrade from iOS 5.1 Beta 3 to 5.0.1 if I didn't save my 5.0.1 blobs? Want to be able to JB my 4s but had already installed 5.1 beta. Thanks Tom
  18. FuelieNova

    iPhone remote start

    I just installed the Drone iPhone remote start on my truck. VERY happy with it so far! Tom
  19. FuelieNova

    Parrot Bluetooth car kit

    Just curious if anyone has used the Parrot bluetooth car kit. I get tired of wearing my icon in my ear on long trips. Any help Tom
  20. FuelieNova

    Dead 4s

    My 4s went dead today. I tried charging it for a couple of hours and it still will not turn on. When I first noticed it the phone was pretty warm. Have a appointment at 6pm at the G bar Tom