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  1. Smiffy403

    Won't connect to WiFi ? Please help

    Hello, my father in law has an iPad 2 as per the title but it won't connect to the wifi but my iPad will ? Any 1 got any idea what could be wrong ? Thanks Dave 8) Sent using iCafe app
  2. Smiffy403

    Led notifier not working with custom vibrate ?

    Hey, I guess the title says it all so has any 1 else come across this ? I have checked its turned on and done a hard reset. But still no joy 8( I'm running iOS5. Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks Dave. Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app
  3. Smiffy403

    iPhone 4s ear speaker really really quiet?

    Hey, I was just wondering if any 1 else is suffering from this or knows how I can fix it ? Any help would be much appreciated 8) thanks !