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    Future iPhones pic....

    funny I could see the nano happening lol but not the shuffle...I would get a headache trying to dial :tounge:
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    iPhone radio

    How about iPhone with built in Sirius satellite radio yay. Then you could make your own Sirius satellite radio playlist lol.
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Driving How far can your drive ? :)
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    Anyone want to speculate on VoIP on the iPhone?

    I'm sure 3rd party software could be an immediate answer to this issue. The iPhone has wifi. So it shouldn't be hard to make a software available for the iPhone that would allow a service such as skype.
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    Should I heed this warning?

    Interesting As stated before, Apple has a very good company costumer relationship. They wouldn't ship a product that had major flaws. Rarely do you see Apple in the news for major recalls. Actually I can't even find a major recall from them while googling. Apple is a very good company when it...
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    Need to Lower Prices

    iTunes iTunes is one of many mp3 distributers out there. At the moment they are competing with thousands of distributers and the average price is 99 cents a song. It's sad that their main focus is the money and revenue that they build but none the less they are a major music distributor and...
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    3rd party It could be possible that 3rd party developers may create a program to make this possible but at the moment with having any idea what the osx os is going to be looking like on the iPhone it would be hard for them to plan ahead. When the iPhone is released you can expect all kinds of...
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    iPod Gaming Unit

    Maybe...not likely Aything is possible but looking at the general gaming market for Apple to jump in the gaming market would be a very big leap. Currently they are only just getting most pc games to be Apple compatible. Apple has surely thought of this idea but the production cost and the...
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    Adding a 2nd iPod to iTunes Library

    HM What you could do is install iTunes so that it is onl available to her account meaning make multiple users. One user for oyurself and one for your girlfriend. Then install iTunes on her account for herself only, then to your account for you only. It should work, also make sure you specify...
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    Will the iPhone work with Microsoft?

    sync I'm sure the iPhone will work with both mac and pc users with ease because of iTunes. It'll work just like normal iTunes with the added bonus feature of editing your address book on the computer. Well I hope you can do that :) lol
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    What are you expecting from iPhone?

    Internet I just think it would be awsome to have a phone that can do music and internet and videos with nice speed and a full os. It's al ot to ask for in one piece of technology.