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    Are "Factory-unlocked" 3GS iPhones for real? Do their GPSs still work right?

    I see ads every now and then where someone is selling an "unlocked" 3GS, where it supposedly came unlocked from the factory. Is this a scam? Or are there really such things? I have heard that, for phones that came with ATT only from the factory, some older ones can be unlocked while retaining...
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    How do I print out all the text msgs on my 3GS?

    I'd like to produce a written record of all the text messages that I have sent/received on my iPhone 3GS, from the beginning of the month (April 1, 2012) until now. I can see them in various threads, if I go into Messages, of course. But I'd like to somehow transfer all of them, into a text...
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    Can I upgrade iOS 3.1.3 without disturbing baseband 05.12.01?

    My wife's iPhone 3GS 32GB, which I've mentioned on other threads here, has iOS 3.1.3 and baseband 05.12.01. That's very valuable to me - I can jailbreak it and unlock it WITHOUT installing the iPod baseband 06.15.00 which disables the GPS. In fact, I already have. It still has the 05.12.01...
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    Transferring ordinary audio CD song(s) to iPhone?

    We have a lot of older audio CDs with music my wife and I like. We bought them, paid for them, the whole thing. Is there any way to transfer some (or all) of the songs on those CDs, to out iPhone 3GS's so we can play them just like songs we bought on iTunes? Maybe some special software on a...
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    Buying songs on desktop PC with iTunes, then sending to iPhone,iPod

    I have iTunes installed on my desktop PC, and my wife and I have used it to buy a number of songs, some rock, some classical etc., and download them to the desktop PC. We did not have any iPhones or iPods attached to the desktop PC at the time. Now that they are on my desktop PC (through iTunes)...
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    Is a 3GS with iOS 3.1.3, baseband 05.12.01 unlockable with good GPS?

    I just picked up a new (old) iPhone 3GS 32GB for my wife. It has iOS 3.1.3 and baseband 05.12.01. I hope to jailbreak it and unlock it for use with T-Mobile. The hard part is, I hope to do it in such a way that the GPS chip still works. My other 3GS (for me) was JB/unlocked with baseband...
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    Bought a dead, junk 3GS, fixed it (I think). Now it wants a Passcode!

    Hi all, I bought a dead iPhone 3GS (16GB) from a fellow, who in turn had bought it on eBay and, he said, tried futilely to fix it himself. Well, I've heard worse stories. It showed signs of having been opened before, possibly many times. Pressing buttons did no good - it remained dead. I...
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    Different Q: Does GPS chip turn off when 3GS is jailbroken/unlocked?

    I've had trouble getting the location fucntion in the Maps app to work reliably, and sometime it doesn't seem to work at all when I have WiFi shut off. I bought my 3GS used from a guy who apparently jailbroke it and unlocked it. I'm fine with that, I intended to do those things when I got it...
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    Does 3GS GPS chip turn off when WiFi is switched off?

    I can't figure out why my 32GB 3GS is behaving this way. I use the "Maps" app that came with it, and it seems to work pretty well when Ihave both WiFi and Cellular Network Data turned on. I also use Trimble Outdoors Navigation, it also seems to work fiarly well. At least it can find where I...
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    Ringtone Converter: where is "iTunes Ringtones Library" (Step 10)?

    I'm trying to use Ringtone Converter, and I must be the only guy on the planet stupid enough to screw up its fairly straightforward instructions. I'm an iPhone newbie, in case that's not obvious from the message below. I used the App Store on my 3GS (32GB, 5.0.1) to purchase a nice song. Then...
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    Password/disable on 3GS

    I bought a used iPhone 3GS, and overall it works great. But when I try to put a new app on it, it asks me for a password! Apparently the previous owner set it up with his own password. Is there any way I can get it to stop that? Would a reset work? If I can get hold of the previous owner...
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    Text messages on iPhone 3GS

    Here's the world's dumbest questtion, probably from the dumbest 3GS user: How do you send/receive text messages on this thing? I'm a complete newbie in iPhones (obviously). I can make and receive calls just fine. But I can't find any icon or whatever, for text messages! How do you do it?
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    How to turn OFF T-Mobile data service for Internet on 3GS?

    I'm a new iPhone user, and I've gotten my unlocked 3GS to work on T-Mobile's "Pay as You Go" system, where I buy a $100 block of minutes and use them up gradually, then buy another block etc. I don't use the phone much, so this is better for me than a $49/month plan or whatever. I do plan on...
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    Is my new (used) 3GS already jailbroken or unlocked?

    I bought a used 3GS 32GB with no SIM card a few days ago. Without a SIM card of course the phone part doesn't work, but everything else seems to be OK, I think. Took a few pictures with it, they turned out fine; I logged it onto my house's WiFi Hotspot with no problems, the GPS found exactly...
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    Jailbreaking 3GS with Redsnow: Won't go into DFU mode?

    I get the feeling this is the most common problem people ever have on this phone. I'm trying to jailbreak it, using RedSnow. I've looked at several Youtube videos on how to do it. I've also followed Redsnow's (version 0.9.10b1) instructions, when I was trying to jailbreak the phone. Darned if...
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    Best software to unlock/jailbreak iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen?

    Well, I got a used iPhone 3GS 32GB, and my son is getting an iPod Touch (4th Gen). I understand that the iPhone can be unlocked so I can use it on T-Mobile and other providers, and can also be jailbroken so I can use apps that are not from iTunes. I've also heard that such things can be done...
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    3GS Power button and Home button getting hard to press

    Is there any way to fix these two buttons? They still work, but are getting very hard to press. What's a mother to do?
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    Can an iPhone 3GS stuck on the Apple logo, be fixed?

    My iPhone is hung up! And I can't figure out how to fix it. Turning off/on, yelling at it, you name it. How do I get it out of this condition? Anybody know? (Thanks all!)