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    Ibrickr big issue

    I Loaded iswitcher and all of a sudden all of my icons (except for the stock icons are gone) In the applications menu of Ibrickr it still says the nes app is still installed along with the rest of my apps but I don't see them on screen...any help?
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    Biggest problem I am having so far

    I am using iPhoneBrowser and am trying to change the background. I go to demo app and there is no Icon.png file I add the one I want and still no background comes up? am I doing something wrong?
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    trying to make these custom icons work

    i am stuck with putting custom icons on my phone. I opened iPhoneinterface and it says waiting for phone established iPhone state : activated type help for help iPhone:/# now I have a custom icon in phonedmg do I add it? I looked through the tutorials and got a lil confused
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    before changing home screen icons

    before messing with the icons on the home screen and or text bubbles and things of that nature should I back nething up? any caution steps I should take. I put a few ringtones on the phone but I needa know if theres any extra steps I can do to back up the phone or anything...just incase I need...
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    Weird jailbreak error

    When I run jailbreak in cmd it says something like Looking for iPhone UsbNolistener:NO ERROR whats that mean?
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    need restore help asap

    my phone will not synce to iTunes at all, i tried to freshly install iTunes and everything..I held down the power and sleep button and it says to connect to iTunes...along with that windows vista a driver locater comes up and finds nothing once i do that...what do i do?
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    restore issue

    I hold down the power and home button and it says connect to iTunes..Now windows asked me for a driver...where do I find this driver its asking me for?