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    Apple loves to nickel and dime customers

    so i finally decided to give my brother the iPod touch which came with my purchase of a macbook just before school started. when he opened and experienced it for the first time last night and today, he asked if there are any games? this is boring. i just learned that his device is on version...
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    Slow WiFi

    I've searched for other threads but nothing relevant came up but I know I've seen those threads. Here's my story : Wifi has slowed down dramatically to the point edge is faster. I would sit two feet from Linksys wireless N router and speed would not increase. Every time I have a problem ...
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    song purchased

    so i bought a song from iTunes on da iPhone. now, how do i make it a ringtone? was i suppose to buy one that had a bell icon? if so, iPhone doesn't display that symbol. i don't want to deal with mods or apps. but i dun mind altering the song. any help? also, i made a purchase on iTunes...