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    What's best? Setting up 3GS from a backup or new Phone?

    Should you not restore a backup as it's a new model? Thanks
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    Need an Answer about Documents-to-Go App, (Please)!

    Bought it..ugh! Want to create documents with it...and mail'em. The app asked for work Msoft exchange. Don't have one. I was thinking my email google exchange setting could be used? It seems to not work. Can someone school me in this please?! Customer support page for this product did...
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    Have an Important Project: Need software recommendation.

    Hi! I have a very important relative in my life who's very sick who I want to do something for (for her AND family): make a picture-collage-slide show kind of testament to her life.....on the PC...that could be shared. She has a TON of pictures that have rarely been seen that I've scanned and...
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    My 3G Speeds now about the same as my 2G in 2007

    Millions more phones, tower overloads...etc... Been keeping track this week: the time that it takes to open the main sites I go to are but seconds apart from my Edge speeds a couple years ago. Friends Verizon blackjack2 opened this site in 14 seconds...iPhone 3G averaged 23sec!
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    Beta2 smoother than 3. Could it be I updated3 and restored2 new?

    Typing in safari slower, switching apps and modes slower, phones froze a few times etc... I restored 2 as new phone and just updated 3.....should all software just be restored as new?!
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    Anyone Restore 3.0 from Backup and keep Utube?

    Wanna restore my 3.0 to 3.0!......but SO don't wanna newphone-it! thanks
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    What JB'd Apps Working on 3.o?

    Bummed that Cycorder doesn't!
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    I'm ready to push the button on 3.0 Install here...but..

    Gonna do this when I get home tonight... Really wanna make sure I got all my ducks in order...(really nervous fr some reason LOL ) -Registered Developer -Extracted the ipsw from Apples Dmg -Registered my device's ID -I'm gonna shift-Update And hopefully enjoy these changes Anything I'm...
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    LOL O left AT&T today and went to T-Mobile for G1Android

    Was a very first iPhone V1 buyer and 'bout first V2 buyer here in Chicago . So I trialed the decidedly lest functional Android for 14 days. A pain in practical day to day usage for sure.....BUT.....NEVER a dropped call;....NEVER an Internet crash; and the G1 downloads pages 20% faster than my...
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    Can an unlocked iPhone work on T-Mobile's 3G network?

    Really interested in looking into this. AT&T basically told me I'd have to live with dropped calls and get over it. Any info here appreciated Thanks
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    Where do I get transparent icons?

    Not the labels...the icons...can't find them on cydia, don't have Installer Thanks
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    Hey Chicago Near Northsider's: 3G Bump?!

    Anyone notice way stronger than usual 3G signal today. Where I work I usually flip between edge and 3G. Today solid 4-5 bars of 3G...that's NEVER happenned. (Have been on 2.1 since it broke,btw)
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    A Liitle Help with QuickPwn? Please ?!

    hey ...I've jailbroke every iPhone since July 2007....but for some reason, in the final pwn stage the process stalls indefinitely while 'wait while your iPhone is prepared for jailbreak'... Have tried repeatedly, restarted computer.....reinstalled QuickPwn. Any troubleshooting ideas Thanks
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    Why won't it type two R's in row?

    My last names Morrison and it becomes a pain! What's up with that? Please don't say my phone does it no problem!
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    Evernote vs Reqall vs Moleskinery+ vs Things...any insight?

    Got more confused than anything reading the reviews individually. Need a comprehensive note/to-do App now. Thanks
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    Hey! How does AppBackup Work...(save data in case of restore?)!

    Undoubtedly ignorant, but in case of restore need, or an Update...will this somehow save data, (say on a notes app)...zoas to restore after that update?! Thanks!
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    YouNote, Evernote, Reqall, or Moleskinnery?

    Really! Have read through descriptions and reviews and more confused than anything. Really need this...I guess need to get them all and try.....but any one of these stand head and shoulders over the others for anyone? Thank You!
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    OK Things Have Really Speeded Up Here!

    Last 3-5 days...way better connections....lots of 3-5 bars where 1-2 used to be.800kbps regularly. Don't know what's going on behind the scenes but this is the 3G I'd hoped for.
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    Given Up on Pwnage Jailbreakin...waitin on Zipnone?

    A weekends worth of attempts....tins of failures to build the iswp then finally when it did, lots of errors...when it once DID seem to adopt the new firmware, cydia never showed up.... As my son says...OVER it...ok, he's 11 LOL ! I DO appreciate the efforts to get the process out there...but...
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    MAN! Keep getting 'failed to build ipsw'...!

    All I can think of is 1. Using the ipsw 2.0 restore from my original 2.0 download/install and put that into my pwnage folder....did I need to download that again? 2. I have the microsoft 3.0 installed not 2.0 as recommended..I assume that's ok? I DID get the custom ipsw built once but got a...