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    Bluetooth Problems in 1.1.3 - Nuvi disconnecting

    Has anyone heard of a fix (or workaround) for the iPhone 1.1.3 bluetooth problem that disconnects/reconnects bluetooth to a Garmin Nuvi GPS? I have done some searching but have not seen a practical fix for this problem. I have had 1.1.3 installed for about a week an a half and did not have any...
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    Master.passwd Help

    Can anyone tell me what the file properties should be for /etc/master.passwd? (Owner, Group, Everone -> Read/Write/Execute)? What should a good file look like? I tried the Term-vt100 solution from Tinman to fix the JB 1.1.3 login problem by editing one line from the master.passwd file and...
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    How many carry cleaning cloth with iPhone everywhere?

    Be honest, is it just me? Can't stand when the screen gets all greasy. It cleans up well with a micro-fiber cloth.... no scratches after a month!
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    Getting an iPhone to use a Windows XP laptop wired Internet connection?

    Has anyone been successful getting an iPhone to use a Windows XP laptop wired internet connection through the laptops wi-fi? Essentially turning the laptop into a router? I have a situation where I cannot use a router but would like to use my laptops fast ethernet connection (instead of edge)...