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    Yahoo IMAP Problem - Can't Authenticate(weird error)

    have had this error all day as well
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    E-mail Gripes....

    I think we can all agree here that the biggest problem, is for 6 months, Apple has been telling us we can get true desktop email, with "push" capabilities. I know myself, and many other users who come from wm6 on exchange and blackberries are used to instant, flawless, consistent emails. Now i...
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    push Yahoo mail?

    full reset, no luck.... is this an issue with Apple, the iPhone, or Yahoo? does anyone have info
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    push Yahoo mail?

    doing a reset, will post results
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    push Yahoo mail?

    thanks for the feedback, im also getting the "load 4 messages" but there are none to load. Im coming from the blackberry curve, where after you email one account, it would hit my blackberry within 2 seconds, are those the kind of results you are seeing with the yahoo push? mine is pulling every...
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    push Yahoo mail?

    any luck? there are many of us that do not have yahoo push email working? has anyone found solutions?
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    Return Address Setting - Please Help - Getting Very Frustrated!

    also having this same problem? is there any work around/fix to get a different reply to email address? this is a deal breaker for me... also, i still am not getting true push email on my yahoo account? any suggestions, this is very frustrating coming from a blackberry, no push email on my iPhone...
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    Anyone get push Yahoo mail working?

    im having the same issue, just polling every 15 minutes? how did everyone get push email working?