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    iPad Flash player

    Cloud browse will let you also.
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    Apple Approves Skyfire Browser That Can Play Flash Video

    Its Back I just purchased it.
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    Who out thare still have the signal problem

    I have had my phone for a month now. I have a case and still drop calls. I never dropped calls with my 3G. I drop more calls at home with full bars and wifi.
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    Blackra1n RC2

    Thanks for the info. Have not had much time to mess wit hit yet. I have not had a jail broken phone since the very first jailbrake.
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    Blackra1n RC2

    RC2 is out and worked great on my 3g. I could not use the first one. Tried every trick, tweak, tip nothing. This time I synced with iTunes. When that was done I closed iTunes, went to desktop where I saved Blackra1n clicked on it and let it rain. iTunes did come up part way through but just ignore...
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    Blackra1n RC2 coming tomorrow.

    The new one is out and worked get on my 3G. The previous version did not work for me. This one did with no troubles. If you did not have troubles you DO NOT NEED to rejail brake. Only if you could not do it with the original.
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    iPhone Lockup Doing a 3.01 Update

    My phone updates fine but not the time is 4 hrs fast. I can manually change it but when I sync it goes back to 4 hrs fast.
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    Radio On iPhone

    The i heart radio app is a good one also. It picks up the 2 stations I listen to here in Indy. Just have to see if it has any you like. It is free also.
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    Grand Central

    I did not see anything about invites on there. I have a number but never use it. Forgot I had it until this thread poped up.
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    SIMple solution for 3G email send problems

    I was having the same trouble with Gmail. I could send but not receive. I deleted my account from the phone. Shut my phone off for a minute or so. Turned it back on then went to Email. I used the Gmail option and everything is fine now. All of the setting are just like I had them but now it...
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    $100 iPhone credit

    I just got back from buying the 16 gig in white and I used that coupon. You must have the printed out upc code. Also if they say you cant use it buy a $100 gift card then use the gift card. There is always a way around it.
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    Syncing Problem-- Need some help

    I downloaded their ringtones doulbe clicked them they went to I tunes the I got the message that they where not supported by iTunes. I guess I need to update to 13 then mzybe it will work. I just always have troubles when I update then start messing with things.
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    Syncing Problem-- Need some help

    Mine will still not show them. When I sync now is says the are not suppoerted and iPhone cant play them.
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    Syncing Problem-- Need some help

    I am on also having trouble. I dragged and drop them in there. They show up in the folder but will not sync up. My jail brake show that I have the files but the are not in the ring tone option on my phone. Im on 1.11 FW.
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    IZoo game?

    I to can not find it.
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    Who wants Flytunes?

    I also have 3 invites left.
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    Grand Central Invites?

    Does anyone have anymore invites? Thanks
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    A good DVD ripping program for PC?

    I would also go with You can try them out for 21 days before you buy. Working version and all. There are updates all the time. Very good products. I have used them for the last 2 yrs.
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    Call failed on incoming calls?

    I have beeb getting a lot of call failed here lately. Most of the time it has had a full signal.