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    Service Discount

    So, I have a iPhone 3g and a regular old cell phone on my AT&T Family Plan. I get a discount on service since my employer gets a corp discount. All good there. My old iPhone 2g is just sitting here not used so I figured I would set it up for the wife to use. I plugged it in to my mac and...
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    iPhone (2g) question.

    So, I picked up a new iPhone 3g and still have my old one. My wife has a regular AT&T cell phone. If I took her Sim Card out and stuck it in the old iPhone, what would happen? Would anything work?
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    Case ... etc

    Just picked up my black 16g iPhone. Looks good so far but I guess I should inspect it closely for cracks. One thing I am ticked off about is the case I ordered for it. My old phone has a iSkin Revo, so I went to the Revo site and they had one for the new phone, as they said the old case was...
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    T-Mobile Sidekick

    I know its not a iPhone but the new T-Mobile Sidekick allows pics/images to be sent along with text messages. I wish we had that feature.
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    What's on your iPhone?

    So I loaded up my phone with music of course, and some pics of the kids and family and some music videos. I do have a few nice, well umm, are R-rated pics of girls and a few videos that are somewhat R-rated as well. I made sure I left them off however, since I knew all the people at work...