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    Helpful file paths and copy&paste stuff for adding new skins to your iPhone

    Credit goes mostly to the creator of the Gunmetal Redux theme, which is where I got this from [thanks digitalkid56 from MMi]. I added some scripting that you can copy and paste into the MS-DOS prompt to replace images too - but if you use a GUI like Manzana you won't need them. But this is...
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    Calculator to compliment "Red Carbon v.1 by: reas0n"

    Calculator & more to compliment "Red Carbon v.1 by: reas0n" I downloaded reas0n's theme and loved it, so I made this calculator by modding some images from another theme that smoovie made [thanks to smoovie and reas0n]. Hope you like it! Default.png CalculatorBackground.png...
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    Best skin ever for iPhone?

    I am wondering if the Best Skin Ever for iPhone gives any side protection [chrome/aluminum skin rails and bezel]. Anyone know?
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    Where are sync options?

    I know where the basic sync options are in iTunes under Preferences and in the iPhone section, but how do I access the original settings I put in regarding mail accounts, etc.? For instance, how could I stop iPhone from syncing the mail settings? There are several other things I notice the phone...
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    Just wanted to let you all know that after getting my iPhone and sorting through available options for cases, I am going my own route. I work with CNC mills, lathes, and composite shops...and I am going to try to work out a neat CF or maybe billet aluminum iPhone case. If they work out well...
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    Battery life left?

    Aside from the tiny green meter at the top of the phone, how can I find out how much battery life is remaining?
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    Bluetooth question...?

    When I turn Bluetooth on it shows a little spinning wheel that indicates that the phone is searching for other things to pair with. Does this take extra battery over another phone where the Bluetooth is on but is not searching constantly? I can't find a way to shut the searching function off on...