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    Update Coming Thursday!

    OK people, lets think about this. Starbucks is giving out free music starting HMMMMMMMM Tuesday, October 2nd 2007...... What date is the update gonna be on?
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    Call failed on incoming calls?

    I have gotten "Call Falied" numerous times on incoming calls if I don't answer in different service locations.
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    Dust under the screen

    I work with touchscreens, the "dust" you are talking about are little dots. These little dots are the guys that make your touchscreen work. If you look at the phone at an angel when the screen is off, you will see that they are all over the screen at set intervals. Give it a try.
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    No 3G in iPhone.

    Can we please stop all the speculation and lost hopes and high hopes of this device. I have one, if it has 3G great if not I will have to fall into Apples trap again and spend another $600 on a new phone in December. Lets all remember what Apple did to wireless N with macbook and macpro...
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    someone has got to find a way to make them, I mean my sprint a900 was easy to make ringtones and send them over the internet and i only paid like 99 for that phone, I spend 500 on this one and I want to make ringtones dammit!
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    How do you make ringtones for the iPhone? Anyone successfuly do one?