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    The "perfect" holster case

    I have the Belkin and love it! :smile:
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    AppleCare for iPhone disclaimer

    Yeah, what's up with this? Any ideas?
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    David Pogue's Book

    They have had numerous server overloads due to the overwhelming demand. I was finally able to get the .pdf file downloaded the other night in the "wee" hours. It contains over 300 pages of everything you could want to know. It really is the "missing manual" that should have been enclosed with...
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    How many iPhones have you you gone through?

    1 iPhone - works like a charm! :laugh2:
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    Yes they were.
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    Finally a "Green and Glowing" battery! Here's how

    True. I just wanted to mention everything I did along the way to acquire a full charge.
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    Is today last day of 14 day return policy? (for 29th buyers)

    If returning, go to Apple store even if purchased at AT&T. Now that the 14 day return deadline is upon the initial purchasers look for the update next week. :smile: IMO Apple was not going to release any updates before this first 14 day return window.
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    Battery Life Problems Does Your Glow?

    "The fix" It worked for me! Finally green, glowing and 100% charge! After taking it off the wall charger (all night) and still not having a full green and glowing battery, I unlocked it and checked email and usage. I then plugged it into my laptop (allowed it to lock) and it continued to...
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    Solved the Battery charge/Usage statistics problem...

    Here's my story...
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    Finally a "Green and Glowing" battery! Here's how

    Someone else suggested this and today I tried it... After leaving my iPhone on the wall charger all night I checked this morning and found the plug in the battery icon and a green battery. However the "green" battery was not full to the end (small sliver as reported by others was still...
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    IMO I'm guessing next Monday for the update. That would put it just past the 14 day return window for initial purchasers (majority). This will ensure that the update will go to phones that people intend to keep and not just update, gripe and then return.
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    When can I expect the first update for the iPhone?
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    So all the bugs im hearing should be fixed in updates or do i return?

    Absolutely no issues here either. :smile:
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    battery awesome

    Battery life is great! Lovin' this phone! :smile:
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    A Thought on Volume Problems

    Ditto here! :smile:
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    Keep the iPhone or not

    I too was on the fence for 2 days after purchasing as to whether to open or not (after reading the forums). Today I opened it up and I couldn't be happier! I was activated, synched and up and running in minutes. Yes, there may be issues, but I'm confident that "Apple" will be forthcoming with...
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    The volume on both the handset and speaker. I can tell you that the #1 complaint I have read on forums and heard in person is the volume. The earbuds seem to work fine, but not everyone uses earbuds. The consensus seems to be that if you have to use the earbuds for sufficient volume then there...
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    Volume Will it be possible to improve the speaker and earpiece volume through a software/firmware update? Thanks!