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  1. kokogirl

    Case Mate Hula

    I got an email from Case Mate today (well, they send me one at least once a week). This case is a bumper copy, but I think I will get one. Hula Case
  2. kokogirl

    Incase Perforated Snap Case

    I really like minimalistic cases with color, but I hate to cover my phone. I saw this case on the incase site and thought it looked cool. Perforated Snap Case I really like it. I bought the aqua and the pink. The bezel shows and a lot of the plastic part on the top and bottom, so it is...
  3. kokogirl

    No tethering in US?

    I don't tether my phone to my computer, but one of my BIL does. He may switch to iPhone 3GS, but tethering is a deal breaker for him. I told him I would investigate for him. I see this note on the Apple website: Now you can share the fast 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac or PC...
  4. kokogirl


    I was thinking of getting my kids a Netbook. But I am confused about them. I know you can surf the net, but will they do word processing?
  5. kokogirl


    I am enjoying the show Fringe. It has an X-Files kind of vibe to it, which I like.
  6. kokogirl

    Please make this "transparent" for me

    I have this pic of my tattoo that JJ made into a black and white jpeg for me. I would like it to be just itself so when I put it on my iweb page it shows just it and not the white square. I think this is called transparent. Hippo made me one of a different kokopelli a while back. Can someone...
  7. kokogirl

    I freed my iPhone from it's case

    And it feels so good. I love this phone.
  8. kokogirl

    Heros has jumped the shark

    Sad, but true. :(
  9. kokogirl

    Particle bumping

    So, I guess some scientists are trying to smash some protons together? My kids knew about this before I did.
  10. kokogirl

    I love Cold Stone Creamery

    Cold Stone Creamery is awesome. My daughter had a cake from there last week. She just wanted it to have a 10 on there for her age.
  11. kokogirl

    Beyza slimline for 3G arrived today

    I had a purple Beyza slimline for my v1, and I liked it so much that I got one for my 3G. I took some pics and set them up in my mobile me web gallery. Beyza Orange Case The case comes really fast. I ordered it Sunday and got it today, although they said I would not have it until...
  12. kokogirl

    iTabi Kimono cloth case

    I found this doing a Google search for floral iPhone case. iTabi This case looks real cute and worth $19.98. I am looking to make sure my white 3G is appropriately accessorized. I may just order one tonight...
  13. kokogirl

    Tropical Storm Faye took out my cable and Internet

    Damn Faye! I wanted to watch TV. Thank goodness I can still check out EIC on my 3G!:smile:
  14. kokogirl

    I am getting 3G tomorrow morning

    I am so excited. I am going to the mall in Orlando, Fl tomorrow morning to get 3G. My MIL dropped her v1 in the ocean getting their boat out of the water. Since she needs a new phone, we are going together. I want a white one. Wish me luck!
  15. kokogirl

    Fun with phototbooth

    I had some fun with photobooth and my kids.
  16. kokogirl

    Aurora Feint is fun-try it

    JoeT told me to get Aurora Feint when we in the IRC chat room. It was free! It is so fun and addictive. It is a puzzle type game so far. If you like moving around stuff to make matches and strategize to make as many matches as you can, you will like this game. And it does not make me...
  17. kokogirl

    Show with 4 geeks and 1 hot girl

    What is the deal with this show with the hot chick and 4 geeky guys? I just turned it on and I am not sure if I get it.
  18. kokogirl

    MacBook Photo Booth is cool

    So, I have not used the Photo Booth thing in my Macbook and I was messing around and took this photo. What other cool things can we do with Photo Booth? I am so excited to learn something new about my MacBook. Again. I love this thing.
  19. kokogirl

    My knee hurts from running

    So, I injured my IT band a couple years ago from running. Had to stop running, do PT, deal with it, etc. Lately I have been running again at the gym in circuits (I love running) and my knee hurts. I do not think the golfing helps it any, either. Just wanted to whine a little. I am better...
  20. kokogirl

    MacBook I bought this Incase case today

    I got the 13" Nylon Sleeve Plus at the Apple store today. I got the gray. It is really nice. I was going to get a neoprene sleeve, but they did not have any 13" except in white. I think I will like this a lot better. I like how the little handles can be shoved away if you are using the...