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  1. sammyb

    Need HELP! Major Problem After instaling installer app by mistake

    Ok so i was Reading on my iPhone the post on not been able to download installer up at the Apple store. The next thread had a link and when i was scrolling down i hit the link by mistake, well to my surprise it started downloading stuff when it was done i notice it was the installer app. I tried...
  2. sammyb

    For does of you that have broken screens

    My wife and a couple of other people have broken their iPhone screen by accident and its only the 3rd day. Apple does not know what to do about it, well lets see if they can come up with a solution a bit faster, I'm going to start a web site so people can go and post their complaints about the...
  3. sammyb

    Wi-fi Edge issue

    Any body knows how to just use wifi, I'm seating on my comp desk 2inches from my router and yet the phone still using edge. I tried re doing the wi-fi settings and that did not work.
  4. sammyb

    NOT GOOD NEWS for iPhone

    ATT launched what it said is the first service letting callers share live video between cell phones. but not for the iPhone you must read this
  5. sammyb

    Invisible Shield and iPhone

    I'm concerned about scratching the screen on my iPhone. How do you feel about screen protectors? How many people order the invisible shield?
  6. sammyb

    Really cool iPhone commercials

    Lets see how many we can find. here is the first one
  7. sammyb

    Staten Island, NY

    How about it, anybody?
  8. sammyb

    Store visit and new Generation iPhone

    I went to 3 stores today 2 ATT 1 Apple. First store ATT i asked the rep if they were going to sell the phone as soon as they opened the doors? he said yes then i asked if there was going to be enough phones for every body he stated they were shipping out 3 mill phones ATT wants every body to...