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    Usage Menu under Settings

    How many people actually have readings for the battery? Also how do you charge your iPhone? Do you turn it off with the red slider and then plug it in? if you do it this way, does anything show on the screen? Or do you leave it on and plug it in to charge? Lastly, You you let the battery...
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    Yahoo! email can not send.

    I can received emails to my Yahoo! account but when I go to send emails, it goes through the motions of sending an email but then it does appear in the sent email flolder. However after a few minutes it then will appear in the sent folder but it never goes through to the receiptant. Can anyone...
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    Help with email setup

    I am having a hard time configuring my iPhone to retrieve my office email. I usually go to a website from home with the following configuration, I then enter my user name and password. Can anyone lend me some help. Anything would be very very...
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    series 5 or 7?

    I am purchasing an iPhone today and want to know how can I tell if I am getting a series 5 or series 7 phone? Which should I try to get if possible? Thanks for the help.