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    Need help with my unlocked 3.1.2 3GS

    so i used blackra1n and now everytime i turn it off and on it puts itself into recovery mode. also i installed winterboard and now my wifi isn't working after that. i don't how to fix this and since im on T-mobile i don't want to update. any help would be great thanksss
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    Is the iPhone 3GS worth $600 to you?

    So here's my problem...i have had the 1st gen iPhone, 3g, and 3gs. i love phones and always end up selling and rebuying like an idiot cause i get bored of the iPhone and then miss it again. now i miss it...and the only way i can get another one is through Apple without a contract...their prices...
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    Tell me if this is a good idea?

    Ok so I hve a 3gs. And love it but I want it unlocked because I travel out of the country a few times a year and it would be nice to use my iPhone I really don't care if the same 3g is supported. But here's my problem I don't want turbo sim or anything like that I want factory unlocked soo this...
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    How do I activate my 3GS :(

    Hello friends. I bought my 3gs today at best buy. They were around closing time when I bought it so they just gave me the phone and said it's easy to do at home. That's hardly the case. I plugged it in to my iTunes and it just restored from my latest backup which is what I wanted. The only thing...
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    My 3G is cracking!

    Im not sure how long it has been cracked but i noticed it today...its not my screen it the plastic on the back. I have a white 3g and there is a little black crack forming and i haven't dropped it at all...has this happened to anyone and what do i do? please any help Thanks
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    My Review: for the incase power slide

    I purchased this yesterday and at first I loved it, the packaging was nice and it came with a very nice little carrying pouch. yes it is thick and looks chunky but its charges your phone so you cant really complain, now if this was just a regular case without charging or doing anything like that...
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    I think I messed up my Incase power slider

    so i just bought this today and i didn't use their usb cable but instead i used my playstation 3's one. then i saw that the power slider only needs 5 volts but my usb cable put out 30 volts, and now it doesn't do anything? what do i do? please any help is appreciated
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    What sites can i watch movies from for the iPhone?

    Hi, I was wondering what sites can i visit from the iPhone and watch movies, tv shows... any help is appreciated thanks
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    Man I wish i still had warranty!

    well here is my problem i don't have warranty anymore on my 4gb iPhone, its battery has been very poor lately, i haven't taken it to the Apple store yet but i mean im just going to be told i need to pay 200 to get it fixed...right?
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    Please I need help with my iPhone 3G

    So i have a 3g and its been ipwned and i wanted to restore so i first went into settings on the phone and did a erase all data and now it wont get past the Apple logo when booted on (or in my case the pinApple sign). i don't know how to let iTunes recognize it so i can restore it and im freaking...
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    is this a common thing to happen?

    ok so i had a 4gb iPhone for exactly a year, today my warrently ended so i went to the Apple store because i noticed my battery life could be better and a new iPhone wouldn't hurt. i go there they were cool with switching it out (but ran some tests first) and switched it, i went home plugged it...
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    What's that one app on installer called?

    Well it made it so that your whole ipod library was in your ringtones and you could set them as ringtones, i forgot what it was called. and for some reason i cant find smb prefs. please help thanks
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    im so depressed...i sold my 8gb iPhone

    well what happened was i put it on craigslist because i was getting so angry without copy and past because that is what i used the most on my 8525 before i got the iPhone. so i sold it and then bought a tilt (8925). its an awsome phone, but i miss my iPhone so much from the memory to the...
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    have you guys seen this yet?...about 1.1.3 Check out the video at the bottom, i dunno if its worth it to update if i can do that with my modded iPhone...but we'll see how mac world goes whats new
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    anything you guys recommend i d/l from installer?

    Well i have a few games, and i have summerboard, let me know if there is anything else that is pretty cool that i should get.
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    I need some of your opinions please...

    Well, i bought a iPhone the day it came out and i sold it about 2 months ago because i had the 4 gb and needed more memory so now that i have 400 bucks again should i pick up a 8gb? i miss my one but i only found myself buying accessories and spending way too much money lol. but what would you...
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    if i buy a unlocked iPhone...

    is it true that when i connect it to iTunes it will lock itself back to normal? i have AT&T but i cant seem to find locked iPhones or craigslist lol. so i was gonna buy an unlocked one and just connect it to iTunes restore and hopefully it will lock back so i can update to 1.1.1 is this true?
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    Just noticed this on the Apple site

    well i was just lookin at the Apple store online and i noticed the picture of the iPhone and where it says "say hello to iPhone" the silent button and volume buttons are on the other side. this could be deceiving to some.
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    it is time i say goodbye to my iPhone :(

    i like it its just the whole price drop thing is getting to me. i put it on CL for a day and guys are asking to pay 200 for it, i just cant take this beating anymore. now some guy wants to give me a graphite gray blackberry pearl and 100 cash so i might have to take it ( have a 4GB iPhone by the...
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    I think it was a good deal...

    My friend wanted my store credit (100$) and ther was something wrong with his 30GB ipod video so Apple just sent him a brand new one still in plastic. i was going to get the 80GB classic but i thought maybe he will do a trade and he did, and we traded. is that a good deal? he wanted the 160GB...