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    Just went to AT&T and made a direct fullfilment order, some interesting comments

    Direct Fullfillment I was there friday, and I know for a fact, I filled the first Direct Fulfillment order. I wonder when i will get my phone. AT&T's sight says backordered with my number. Any Ideas?
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    I think I felt the same. I picked the Apple Bluetooth up today on a fluke at the Apple Store. The new ear buds always fall out of my ears, so I was less that positive about this one. At first the boom part kept dropping down. That was because I tried it without the earpiece cover. For me...
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    They Have Arrived!

    Smith Haven Mall, Long Island, NY. 47 People in line so far. Its almost noon, and the security made us squeeze together about 10 minutes ago. Seriously, what are the chances everyone here can get one.... I'd say good if the above reports are true.
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    They Have Arrived!

    Hey, I'm here smithhaven too, but I'm at the back of the saying you estima too, but I'm at the back of the saying you estimated 60 people, I only counted bout thirty. Am I missing something? Any way, if there are 160 phones, we are sitting pretty.