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    celebrities with iPhones?

    I am a flight attendant with a major (colourful) airline, and yesterday I had a celebrity from the show "heroes" on my flight from Long Beach to Chicago. I cannot disclose who (due to my contract obligations) but even more, because, I respect all peoples private information. All I can say is...
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    Deleting movies on iPhone doesn't work

    After watching a movie or videocast etc on my iPhone it asks if I want to delete it. I say yes and then it confirms. The problem is when I go to sync it puts the movie back on the iPhone. Shouldn't it DELETE the movie from the computer? That is my idea of sync'ing
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    802.11n on iPhone?

    I have 2 networks setup in my home. I have a b/g and then strictly an n (Airport Extreme N). When setting up my wifi the n network shows up but I can't connect to it. The weird thing is that only n computers can see it, all of my other computers that are b/g don't even see the n but the iPhone...
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    Movie shows up in iTunes but doesn't get sync'd?

    I have a couple of movies in iTunes (2 are about 5 minutes, and 1 is 2 hours) and only one will sync to the iPhone. The one that syncs is something I downloaded off the net. The other 5 minute movie is one that I purchased from the iTunes which does not sync. And the third movie (2 hours long) I...
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    Anyone from California activated yet?

    I see so many people having trouble from the east, what about us west-coasters? I am going on 15 hours. iBrick, iCoaster, iPaperweight... This thing is anything but an iPhone! ARGH