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  1. ChemicalWeather

    InvisibleShield + Case?

    for those of you who have an invisible shield on your phone do you keep it in a case also? Obviously the shield provides against scratching and whatnot but what about falls (denting)? I love the idea of invisibleshield but i am just not sure about it yet, also i know this has been...
  2. ChemicalWeather

    NES help?

    cant get into it to indepth but search on these forums for WinSCP that's what you need, but you're going to need to set it up, search the forums
  3. ChemicalWeather

    Gmail now with IMAP!

    yup just set up both my gmail accounts with it, once you activate it in settings heres an easy tutorial to follow to set up the account on your iPhone:
  4. ChemicalWeather

    Any one think 1.1.1 is less responsive

    same here. SMS is slow
  5. ChemicalWeather

    I deserve it. Call me an idiot.. just help...

    lmao... next time just show them google maps or something
  6. ChemicalWeather

    New Idea For A Good Theme

    good idea, however, im not sure if that is possible to make happen on the home screen also, it seems like this would be more of a program/mod than a theme. but ill let the master programmars we have here on the forums answer your questions better
  7. ChemicalWeather

    update iTunes album artwork to show on iPhone

    if you cant find the album artwork for a specific album try using this program, works great:
  8. ChemicalWeather

    Applecare plan - Worth it?

    Apple care plain and simple: adds 2 years to protection plan -covers anything that happens to phone other than accidental damage unlimited phone support -with any Apple product you normally get only 90 days of phone support or ONE call, after that they charge you $40+ a call -phone...
  9. ChemicalWeather

    Guide: "Easy" Jailbreak 1.1.1 without restoring to 1.0.2 (Windows!)

    thanks a lot mike was having some issues for a while but everything is workign smoothly, ive been around the forums for a while and you supply a lot of information thanks a lot, and it's great that you're taking your time to help beginners too, keep up the good work
  10. ChemicalWeather

    Guide: "Easy" Jailbreak 1.1.1 without restoring to 1.0.2 (Windows!)

    i have the same problem, have done everything correctly but it always says failed and to make sure i visited the website which i have....
  11. ChemicalWeather

    Green line when playing Videos in iPhone

    just to let you know you're not the only one, i have the same problem on one of my vids i converted
  12. ChemicalWeather

    unread email message counter wrong

    you may have to put in the account again, doesn't take too long
  13. ChemicalWeather

    One handed iPhone

    its definitely not safe to drive and text, it's even worse with an iPhone
  14. ChemicalWeather

    3rd Party Apps Working on 1.1.1!

    hey man im havin the same problem, i believe it is a windows issue as most people with macs have been able to do this flawlessly theres a bunch of peopel trying to figure it out on this post, though nothing on there that people have suggested has worked for me so far
  15. ChemicalWeather

    3rd Party Apps Working on 1.1.1!

    so im in the process of jailbreaking 1.1.1 and everything was going smoothly, but after i updated and/or installed SSH winSCP wont connect, it says 'connection refused' i have the right ip, username, and password in. any help?
  16. ChemicalWeather

    TIFF exploit ruins safe browsing?

    TIFF exploit ruining my phone vs. third party apps and a period when i double tap space bar definitely gonna have to go for the latter
  17. ChemicalWeather

    Voicemail Indicator

    im not sure if i completely understand you but first of all are you sure people are leaving your voicemails? lol if you are then what exactly is the problem, your visual voicemail isn't working completely, or just the notifications?
  18. ChemicalWeather

    unread email message counter wrong

    this is probably obvious but if you have 2 email accounts or more on your iPhone then you may have a new message in a different account, just check all your accounts
  19. ChemicalWeather

    How to use rSBT and Summerboard

    if you still aren't able to scroll using summerboard even after you have more icons added try uninstalling and reinstalling summerboard