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    Help! On screen temperature warning.

    I had the weirdest thing happen. I got a call from a number I didn't recognize, from Danbury CT. Phone number (203)733-1753. A warning popped up on the screen giving a warning saying that the phone needed to cool down before use. I'm in an air conditioned house, so the phone isn't hot. I had to...
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    Help with activation question?

    I am using my wife's upgrade to get the phone. If I activate it under my iTunes account, it won't cause any problems with hers will it? She is on the east coast, and I can't brick her phone. She will be without a phone for work, and be pissed off. Thanks guys
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    Sorry to bring bad news. FedEx has been instructed to hold until the 24th.

    Sorry guys. FedEx has been instructed to not let our new toy be delivered on the 23rd. They will be delivered on iday. :(
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    East coast people. Can I get two?

    I've seen people are being held to one! Has anyone actually been able to get two?