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  1. Zorn

    Possible iPhone update today?

    Since one of the things Steve Jobs announced at the Mac event this afternoon was one touch uploading to a .Mac web album from the iPhone, it would seem like there will be an iPhone update today to add this capability. Hopefully they will add some other under the hood fixes, but it seems pretty...
  2. Zorn

    Emails I send come in as new ones

    Anyone know how to fix this? Anytime I send an email using iPhone, it takes that email that I just sent and brings it in the Inbox as a brand new mail. Annoying for sure.
  3. Zorn

    After the reviews...

    Don't think this is an anti-iphone post, it's not. I've wanted the iPhone ever since the announcement day, and I've been pretty much willing to look past the lack of 3G/GPS etc. beaten to death points. But the new stuff we learned today - camera can't take video, ringtones can't be used AT ALL...