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    Grey line *(pixels?)

    I have a large, thin grey line running across my phone. Does that mean that my pixels have blown? And if so, how do I fix the darn thing!:frown:
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    On Button Stuck

    My phone was dropped and now the on button is stuck. Has anyone had any problems with that? Know how to fix it? Should I take it back to the store?
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    Safari kicks me out

    If im looking at a webpage, it'll kick me out after a few minutes and refer me back to the main screen. Is this because of Edge? Anyone else have this problem?
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    Anyone know the wait time?

    Went to a cingular store at 6pm yesterday and they sold out 10 people in front of me. The people at cingular offered that I signed myself up and they would ship and charge the iPhone when it became available. Did anyone else do this? Or has anyone heard the wait time for people who signed up...