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  1. rlp2011

    - FamilyTalk plan buyers must purchase at least 2 iPhones.

    WTF! I currently have 2 v1 iPhones in a family plan and I just want to upgrade one So now I can't ? Please help!
  2. rlp2011

    Another AT&T Rep B****?

    I went to the ATT store and the guy told me they are not allowed to open the iPhone box it comes with a programed SIM and they just need to scan the box And you do the setup at home...for product questions we need to go to Apple for services with might be all the guy told...
  3. rlp2011

    *******Mac mini Memory update**********

    have a question where I can get a 1gb or 2gb memory for my Mac mini (cheap) and also if I do installed do I void the warranty? is 7 months old Please help I want to be ready for my iPhone :laugh2:
  4. rlp2011

    What time would you get there only AT&T stores?

    Ok let's think it is at 6pm the official launch time at what time would you arrive at the ATT store? Me: if it is no body at 10pm on the 28th I will be there at 4:30am with my coffee maker :laugh2:
  5. rlp2011

    Camping Out Supplies

    Ok Im bored lets make a list of the things that we are going to take to camp out i.e. Dvd player,PSP,ipod,laptop,chips,sodas etc..
  6. rlp2011

    1-800-my-Apple Preorders?

    I just called Apple and they are taking down your name and number to call you on the 29th the rep. going to call me at 6:45am thats wen his shift starts so....thats my plan B.
  7. rlp2011

    Data Plan Must!

    I spoke with a customer serv businesss . manager this morning and he told me the iPhone requires a data plan but you can use pay per use...and he also told me I can order the iPhone over the phone because i have issues with my online acc. Just my $0.02
  8. rlp2011

    How many iPhones can we get?

    There is a restriction on how many phones can we get? I'm planning to upgrade 2 lines the same day...... :cool:
  9. rlp2011

    Camping Head Count Ft Lauderdale (Florida)

    Hello People Is my first post :laugh2: Lets do some head counts... I'm calling all the people that it will do a camping in Ft Lauderdale or a early arrival please post locations and arrival time Ie If we can get a head count I would go the night of the 28th arround closing time and my location...