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    iPhone + GPS device (for Bluetooth)?

    Hey guys, I have an iPhone 1st gen with 2.02 update. I am looking to get a GPS car device to use the hands-free bluetooth speakerphone option. I found out that the 1st gen iPhone is compatible with the Garmin Nuvi 660 and 680. However, I think these devices look ugly. Price doesn't matter...
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    Alpine car stereo + iPhone = Greatness!

    Things I used: Car stereo head-unit: Alpine 9884 Alpine iPod adapter: KCE-422i Car: 1999 Honda Accord Coupe 1st gen iPhone with 2.0 update. My goal: play music through car stereo while charging iPhone. After weeks and weeks of research, I found the perfect car stereo that fit my goal. This...
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    Black glossy case? (fake 3G iPhone case) Since the 3G iPhone pic is actually just a black case. Do you guys know where I could buy this case? I like how the Apple logo is cut out so you could see the original chrome Apple logo. Thanks!
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    Hi, has anyone tried this case from agent18 yet? This one from Seido looks cool too: I'm looking for a SUPER THIN HARD case for the iPhone. Anybody try any super thin cases yet? (Not silicone please) Thanks!
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    iPhone cases on iFrogz for 50% off

    Hey guys, I just bought an iPhone and ifrogz has a pretty good sale on their new iPhone cases. I just bought the "iPhonewrapz" for only $9.98 + $5 shipping. Apply coupon code "bargains" and get an additional discount. Does anyone here have any of these cases from iFrogz already? How is it...
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    iPhone picture blogging!

    Don't have an iPhone....but.. I am planning to take pics with my iPhone, attach it to iPhone's gmail, add text, and then send it to my blogger ( Do you know if this is possible with an iPhone? If yes, can I see the quality of an iPhone picture also? Thanks!
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    Sending multiple iPhone pics through email.

    I am planning to get an iPhone soon. I want to send multiple pics from my iPhone directly to my blogger. Currently, I just send camera phone pics to I have 2 questions: 1. Can I send iPhone pics through SMS text? in other words, can I send an iPhone picture to another camera...
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    Quicktime video on iPhone Safari browser?

    I am planning to buy an iPhone soon. I have a quick question. I know Safari does not have Flash support yet. Does Safari browser support other video formats such as Quicktime, WMV, etc etc? Thanks!
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    Incipio iPhone Hard Case (Not released yet) Do you guys think this SILICRYLIC case is gonna be a good buy? I am looking for a case that protects the iPhone really really good WITHOUT the grippiness of a silicon case. Who's gonna order one?