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    blacksn0w, it's HERE !

    I have the same problem. iPhoto won't recognize my iPhone at all. Does anyone have a solution for this?
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    Just got my black 32 GB 3GS From FedEx

    the same exact thing happened to me! It was in China on Wednesday and at my door in Washington DC Friday morning at 10:30! Awesome. I thought I had to wait all weekend to get it, but now it's here.
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    Official iPhone 3GS pricing.

    I bought the v1 and v2 versions. My account says I will qualify for the standard upgrade on 7/31/09. However I called ATT and they said I can get a 3gs 32gb for 299 as soon as it is available 6/19.
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    Exchange Email Setup Problems

    I am getting exchange emails immediately on my iPhone when on wifi, but it won't connect to the server when on 3g or edge. I don't have the enterprise data plan. Does that have anything to do with it? Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Who has had their phone crash?

    the title of this thread should be "who hasn't had their phone crash"
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    red dots at the top left of 3G?

    thanks. I thought I discovered something. Were these on the v1 also? I never noticed them before.
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    red dots at the top left of 3G?

    I just noticed today there are three red dots to the left of the sensor at the top of the iPhone. They look like they might be able to light up. Has anyone else noticed this? I can't get it to show up in a pic.
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    Stay away from 'Kate'

    kate sucks.
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    Honda-to-iPhone w/ USA Spec PA11-HON2y

    that looks hot! I am about to buy an 08 v6 accord exl with navi. I hope this thing works
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    Adam on Mythbusters using iPhone.

    I saw Ryan using it and when he finished the call he tossed his iPhone onto his desk sceenside down! I said NO ouch. Must be nice to have the cash to not have to worry about it.
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    Gmail IMAP

    IMAP works for me now. It is nice.
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    How to sync contacts and calendar from Treo to iPhone?

    no unfortanely I ended up buying a copy of outlook for $30 and put my contacts in the old fashioned way. I couldn't even get palm desktop to sync with outlook after many different attempts. Sorry.
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    Smartphone users; help with a purchase decision other than iPhone!

    Don't get anything treo. Palm is barely treading water in the kiddie pool.
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    How about those of us who don't want to jailbreak but want apps on 1.1.1

    Thanks, but that isn't easy for me. I am wondering if anyone knows when or if nullriver will have apptap for 1.1.1 Thanks
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    How about those of us who don't want to jailbreak but want apps on 1.1.1

    I was just wondering when or will there be app tap for 1.1.1? I am not savvy enough to go through the jailbreaking tutorials that have been posted. I and many others out there want the simple install that app tap did for 1.0.2.
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    new web apps ok Apple site. Does this mean 3G is coming?

    just saw that there is a ton of web apps on the Apple site. Given the fact that Apple knows how slow edge is why would they put so much effort into putting all these apps available? Unless Jobs has 3G up his sleeve?
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    Annoying Interference Sounds

    I know you are out there. How many of you are annoyed with the interference that the iPhone puts out. I will be laying on my couch watching a movie and my surround sound speakers get a LOUD interference from the iPhone. The same thing happens with my computer speakers. It drives me crazy. Has...
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    Home screen goes black?

    agreed. I wasn't going to do the update, but because of having to reboot my phone everytime it went into a "no service" area (everyday sometimes three or for times a day) i felt i had no choice
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    homescreen goes black after losing signal

    I have summerboard and a few apps. Everytime I put my phone in airplane mode or I lose service, I go back to the home screen and it is black except for the top status bar. I fix it by turning it off and on again but it is very annoying. Anyone have a fix for this?
  20. K Free Navizon site that actually WORKS (WiFi)

    This is great if I am ever kidnapped to another state and my kidnappers let me keep my iPhone. That way i could give the cops a small 30 mile radius where to find me