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    Question regarding iPhone on iPod adapter - please help!

    I plug in the iPhone to the adapter BEFORE STARTING THE CAR, the message pops up saying this device is not compatible and do I want to turn on airplane mode. I select "no", THEN start the car... Charges EVERYTIME! I have the deh-9800bt I discovered this by accident- good luck all!
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    New detailed pics of iPhone Armor I think I'll like this case.:2cool:
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    Matias Armor for iPhone

    Actually, the case is POLYCARBONATE. I have no doubt that this will be a cumbersome case compared to "regular" cases. Regular to mean ALL other cases. I have no question that this case will probably NOT be a case that most people will want to us all the time. I do think it is the most complete...
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    Ahhhh..., The REAL Brick That's REALLY funny!
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    Matias Armor for iPhone

    This'll do it You asked for it, here it is...! I'm sure you can think of a lot of bad stuff to say about this case, but you CANNOT say that it won't protect your phone! I have one on order to ship mid December. I'll post...
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    i need a loud ringtone

    I agree about the "Alarm" ringtone. You might also try "old phone", I think it's pretty easy to hear. It also sounds different from other ringtones so you aren't reaching for your phone every time someone else's rings.
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    This will probably be a very unpopular post

    I’ve been thinking this for some time but haven’t had the opportunity to write it…but I think all of you who risk bricking your phones just to have a transparent icon or WHATEVER are NUTS! I see people referring to an iPhone in it’s virgin state as something less useful than a VCR or a desktop...
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    I'll let you know Mine is already ordered, should ship on 12-15. I'll put in a review as soon as I can.
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    iPhone or Nokia N82

    Get the iPhone and a good Garmin unit. The best phone based GPS won't touch the features available on the average Garmin.
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    Help me find a hard case

    Best so far in my opinion... One Phone, many cases.
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    According to the website, you CAN swim with it! From the Otterbox site, link above: *Note: The OtterBox for iPod and iPhone Defender™ Series cases are NOT waterproof and are not intended to protect against water intrusion...
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    Alpine KCE-300BT, or Pioneer 9800BT

    Pioneer 9800BT I have the Pioneer and it's great. The only problems are as follows: You need to manually connect the phone to the Bluetooth each time you get in the car. This only takes about 5 seconds for me (REALLY!) so it's no big deal... The iPod adapter plays the music perfectly but...
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    Which case? Help me

    I have a Revo and like it. Right now I'm using the Otterbox case and actually DO like it as well. I'm waiting for the new "bulletproof" Otterbox case - it's bigger but I think I'll like it even better. In agreement with prior posts, there is no one "perfect" case. It depends what you're...
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    More Choices.. I think this case will be more waterproof than anything available now that will still permit the phone to be used without removing it from the case. I agree that the case will be a bit large for everyday use, but as with all cases the phone can switched from one case to another...
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    Ha that's funny! My reason for getting the phone was the features but I do understand your opinion. I don't put the phone in my pants pocket anyway, but I would agree that it might be a bit thick for the shirt pocket where I keep it now with this new case. That said, it will still be...
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    NEW Otterbox waterproof iPhone case info:

    Here's the link: So far this looks good to me. I already have one on order. I like that they've extended the ship date to mid December from the original late November. I hope that this means they intend to "get it right"...
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    after taking the agent 18 case and powersupport film off

    My phone is always in a case anyway, so I could care less about a scratched bezel. Scratches from a case, or scratches from no's a conundrum...
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    I have the Otterbox Defender case as well as the Armor case when it ships! I guess it will be good to have a tough case. I had a Motorola i605 for years, I'm sure the Otterbox case will be thinner than that, although taller and wider.
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    I'd rather have a big phone than a small brick.... Besides, I have BOTH, as well as an Iskin Revo, Incase and several others. I guess it depends on what you're doing...:2cool:
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    SHOULD ship at the end of November. No rush, just get it right!