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    Reminder sounds for calendar or missed calls

    I can't seem to find how to turn on sounds to let me know of an calendar item, a missed call or a voice message.
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    Map Widget Create You Own Location with Pin

    Is it possible to create a location and apply a pin to it and a bookmark for that location?
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    CAUTION! Do not use magnetic case

    I bought my iPhone Friday at the (LAS) local Apple store, and Saturday morning began to use it. At first it was working OK, but my reception in my home was poor. My Motorola Q was much better in this regard, but I hoped it might get better. That day, I played with my new toy and noted that...
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    iPhone Mystery mode

    I picked up 8G iPhone Friday evening and installed via iTunes. Got confirmation 5:30 am Saturday. Made a couple of calls and they got dropped. Oh well. Next noticed that clicking on keys has no sound and external speakers not working. Can't hear with or with out ear phones on ipod. If...