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    Car charger question

    I've got an extrememac and a griffin car charger that I used with my v1. When I plug both into my 3g they seem to work fine, and I don't get that pesky little incompatible message. Can I assume that it's safe to use these chargers? Is there something different voltage wise between the v1 and...
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    3G Wall Charger Options

    I'd like to pick up a couple of extra wall chargers for my 3g. What are the best options? I bought a cheapie on Ebay for my v1, and it worked fine, but it does not work for my 3g. Just wondering what everyone is doing on this issue. Thanks.
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    Anyone here have any information as to when we'll see a Slingbox app for the iPhone? The reason I'm posting this in the 3g forum is because I figure that such an app would be better with 3g, and I'm looking for a reason to upgrade. Thanks