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  1. brojimh

    Invisible Shield for the iPhone ON SALE

    there is an unadvertised special going on right now. . .iPhone and many other screen AND full body invisible shields, 50% OFF! So a Full Body Shield is only $12.48 instead of $24.95. Follow this link: It is the best shield on the market and now is the...
  2. brojimh

    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    I got mine today and went immediately to the Apple Store and got a Jawbone Bluetooth Headset. I did a lot of research because I really wanted the Apple bluetooth but all the sites said that the Jawbone was better. Oh well. There's a 30 day return policy!
  3. brojimh

    Mobile ToDoList

    Mobile ToDoList Did anyone else see that on the installer the update is a reverted update back to 0.04? I did it and it took away the different categories and the cool look and feel it had. I assume they are reverting to make a better update.
  4. brojimh

    New App!

    DockSwap allows you to change the dock image on your iPhone, FROM your iPhone. The app pulls images from /private/var/root/Library/DockSwap/ and then separate folder per category. So if you want them separated by Movies, Landscapes, etc, you would set up those folders within the DockSwap...
  5. brojimh

    I searched but could not find. . .

    Can anyone tell me where the photos are located on the iPhone? Can we copy/move them off using iBrickr or something else?
  6. brojimh

    Forward No-Answer on AT&T

    does anyone know how to set the forward no-answer on the iPhone? I want to use a service that converts my voicemails into emails/text msgs. but you have to forward your phone so that instead of going to the AT&T voicemail it goes to this company's system. I know how to normal forward but I...
  7. brojimh

    Wives/Girlfriends. . .

    Are there any guys out there who are having a little trouble with their wives/girlfriends and their iPhones? For instance, last night my wife said that I was "obsessed" with my iPhone.
  8. brojimh

    iPhone Replacement Battery WITHOUT Using Apple!
  9. brojimh

    How to Disassemble or Repair/Replace Parts on iPhone!

    Awesome! Finally!
  10. brojimh

    Satellite Phone on Lost--precurser to iPhone?

    Was the satellite phone on Lost a hint/spoiler/sneak-peak for the iPhone? Did the producers of Lost have a deal with Steve Jobs? Could this be the future of the iPhone? GPS/Satellite, etc.?
  11. brojimh

    Use Photobucket & email directly to your album!

    Best way I've seen yet to use pics from iPhone (for posting and such) open a Photobucket account (it's free!) Click on "account options" in the top right scroll down to "Mobile Settings" Type the address in the "Mobile Upload:" box into a new contact in your iPhone...
  12. brojimh

    I need help setting up my college email. . .

    I've been trying to setup to POP my college email account and can't seem to get it right. I've tried multiple times but get the following error message every time: "Cannot Connect Using SSL Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?" Even when I hit OK, still doesn't work. I...
  13. brojimh

    Animated Gifs in Sig

    how do you upload an animated gif into your signature?
  14. brojimh

    Does anyone know how to pop3 with Groupwise 6.5.2?

    I am looking to setup a POP3 account with Groupwise and having difficulty. I can't find anything on this anywhere. Hoping someone at everythingiCafe can help.