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    Backing Up iPad?

    Does any one know if there will be a backup capability for the iPad? With my iPhone I can sync it with my Mac and create a backup. I can also organize my applications. Does anyone know if this capability will be available for the iPad? How about integration with time machine? Also, will I...
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    Battery Draining Since Update

    I recently accepted an updated from ATT to my iPhone 3GS and now the battery seems to be draining very quickly. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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    Phone Number in Appoinment?

    To me a significant oversight in the iPhone is to have a smartphone that cannot dial a phone number from a calendar appointment. Does anyone know if this oversight has been fixed in 3.0?
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    Can I make a Call from an appointment?

    So I have many phone conference appointments and it appears I cannot select the phone number from the appointment and call it. Am I missing something? Any way around this?
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    Exchange & IMAP on iPhone

    I have two exchange servers that I regularly use. With my BB I synch with the corporate Exchange and get email from the other (personal exchange server) through IMAP. I want to move to an iPhone and wondered if I could do the same thing with the iPhone?