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  1. mogz

    Snowy screen after downgrading?

    GF just bought me 16GB Touch yesterday. Came with 1.1.3 with Software Upgrade. I tried downgrading to 1.1.1, jailbreak, 1.1.2, jailbreak. Now everytime the device went to sleep and the power is turned on again, the screen is sort of 'snowy', it's so bright (white). I had to power off and on...
  2. mogz

    iTunes WiFi store is in Japanese now?

    Just today when I checked my iTunes wifi store its in japanese? Last week it was still in English, and the only thing i did different between then and now is change the hidden preferences (ipod touch dock, sbfakestring, etc.). Any help?
  3. mogz

    anySIM: unlock your iPhone

    If you download and open ibrickr, anySIM is the first program on the list and can unlock your iPhone. :)
  4. mogz

    YouTube most viewed 'today'

    Is it just me or now when I clicked on 'today' it says no videos? Other tabs are working just fine.
  5. mogz

    Arranging the icon on the 4th row

    Is it possible to get an icon to move to the 4th position in the 4th row without occupying the first 3 spot? Just like the iTunes wifi music store logo in Steve's iPhone...
  6. mogz

    NES not launching now

    I got it working like 5 mins ago... then what I did after I read theres RC2: 1. install it using ibrickr 2. install terminal using ibrickr 2. play with it for a while, turn sound on 3. exit 4. connect with ibrickr again, change the icon.png 5. restart and now when i click on it, a white screen...
  7. mogz

    Not optimize photos?

    Is there any way to do this in the iPhone? i know you can put full resolution photos in the ipod...
  8. mogz

    default carrier logo size?

    anyone here know the height and width of the original AT&T carrier logo?
  9. mogz

    Louis Vuitton cases

    Anyone in NY able to get one for me? I'm interested in the black one.
  10. mogz

    Disable predictive text input

    Is there any way to do this? English is not my first langauge so it's really annoying to have to click the x to the correction that the phone suggested...