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  1. goheels42

    Apple TV2 To Get NFL Sunday Ticket?

    Bought the ATV2 last week and I was researching online what are some of the features and I stumbled across this, would be thrilled if this is true. As long as the lock out gets squared away.
  2. goheels42

    Limera1n JB Released

    Just went to the website, and the JB is out, Geo jumped the launch of greenpo1son.
  3. goheels42

    iTunes 10 Disables WiFi Sync?

    Antone else notice this? I just updated and it restricted access to wifi sync.
  4. goheels42

    Got My Power Support Anti-Glare Today

    Finally after waiting for the release, pre ordering it back in June, it came today. It's awesome, top quality from power support as usual. Went on perfect, no bubbles and with my Belkin grip vue and Zagg custom skin on the back, I'm good to go.
  5. goheels42

    AT&T Forces Me Into Data Plan On Sons Phone

    Well, my son got a text message today from AT&T saying he has a iPhone and that a data plan was needed for it, and that as of today he had a data unlimited plan added onto his phone. My son has my old iPhone 2g, his line was activated with a Razor, 1 year ago, and I put his SIM card into the 2G...