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  1. KrakaJap

    iOS 4.3b3 NOW AVAILABLE!

    Been waiting for this one :) haha Go get it!
  2. KrakaJap

    The iPhone 4 Microscopic Thread!

    How about we start one of these? :ok:ok My wedding band (needs a polish eh?) Anyone care to start a telescopic thread? :dft011:wicked_smile
  3. KrakaJap

    3.2.1 and MobileMe Calendar sync

    So after updating today I can no longer sync my MobileMe calendar. I tried turning off calendar sync, rebooting, and then turning sync back on. No go. Tried a few other ideas but eventually ended up completely removing my MobileMe setup entirely. I rebooted the device again and then added...
  4. KrakaJap

    Dyson's False Advertising?

    Ok... correct me if I'm wrong, but this diagram straight from Dyson's website advertising their new Air Multiplier (bladeless fan) is entirely inaccurate. Won't simple laws of fluid dynamics show that each blade of the fan is NOT producing buffeting at all but instead a constant stream of air...
  5. KrakaJap

    I think I found a bug in iOS4...

    When sliding to a new page... if you're very careful and slowly align the pages right in between 2 of them, it will stop and not continue to slide left or right. :) I've been able to reproduce this effect many times. Notice the larger gap between the middle vertical row of icons. Is this...
  6. KrakaJap

    Navigon on iOS4

    Is anyone else having issues with Navigon's Panoramic 3D view on the iOS4 gm firmware? My map just shows up black. Everything else works fine and the 2D and 3D views work fine as well. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  7. KrakaJap

    Tron! Omg!

    How did I miss this one?!?! :ok:ok LightBike Online
  8. KrakaJap

    iPod Touch 2G and OS 4 beta 4

    Is anyone else having issues restoring to OS4 beta 4 on a second gen iPod Touch? I've tried numerous times now and they all get right to the end of the firmware update and hang (seems like it's around 98%). A couple times I let it sit for over an hour. I've tried restoring from 3.1.2, 3.1.2...
  9. KrakaJap


    I haven't seen a post on this yet so I thought I would share (for those really interested in emoji): 1. Settings > General > International > Keyboard 2. Add the default Japanese keyboard 3. When typing, load up the Japanese keyboard, type in "emoji" and all your favorite emoji icons will appear...
  10. KrakaJap

    Wooden Joule

    Ok so the Joule iPad stand is pretty awesome but my god is it expensive! :sneaky: So... I decided to replicate this stand in solid oak form. I started today and I'm almost finished. Apparently I don't have a 7/16" drill bit (or sink) to create the holes in the back for the smaller dowel so...
  11. KrakaJap

    iBooks Store

    Something I can't figure out... will eBooks only be purchased from the iBooks app on the iPad? I can't seem to find a way (now that the iBooks app is available) to browse and download books from the desktop. :dft008:surprised Or do you think there will be an iBooks application (similar to...
  12. KrakaJap

    Giveaway "Discussion"

    Since I can't post more than once in the giveaway thread without disqualifying myself I thought I would start a giveaway discussion thread instead. :) Going for 2 in a row eh? LOL :ok:ok I actually hope you do win again because that would just be awesome!
  13. KrakaJap

    iTunes 9.1 and iPhone Safe Mode

    Has anyone else been experiencing lots of Safe Mode warnings on the iPhone (jailbroken) after browsing the iPhone settings in the latest iTunes (9.1)?
  14. KrakaJap

    Finally Been Charged

    I've finally been charged the almost $700 for my iPad and case! The Apple website still states "not yet shipped" but that's ok. I trust Apple's ability to deliver precisely on time. :ok:ok I never thought I would be so happy to see that much money gone from my bank account! lol
  15. KrakaJap

    I'm NOT bored with the iPhone...

    186 apps downloaded and saved (I admit to discarding quite a few) a lot of which I rotate monthly (on average) and I have yet to scratch the surface of the AppStore. :dft011:wicked_smile How many have you downloaded? :ok:ok EDIT: I can't edit the thread title can I? I forgot to include...
  16. KrakaJap

    Some People Never Give Up (for guys)

    come on... no matter how hard you try, that toilet isn't going to magically turn into a urinal to compensate for your lack of aim! :dft007:angry just my 2 cents for the day :ok:ok
  17. KrakaJap

    Photo Preferences Missing in the Settings App

    So I ran into a little issue last night (thanks for the suggestions Simba) that I found a solution to but decided to share just in case anyone else runs into the same problem. :) I rarely use the Slideshow on the iPhone (I'm talking extremely rare) but for some odd reason I decided to play...
  18. KrakaJap

    EIC on iPad Simulator (beta)

    Granted this is still beta, hence the window title "iPhone Simulator" but in the simulator itself the status bar reads iPad. :) Anyway I was just playing around with it and thought I would load up EIC and take some screen caps. First display of EIC on the iPad perhaps (sorta)? LOL
  19. KrakaJap

    Dig the new mobile theme!

    Not sure how new it is because I almost always go directly to the forums on my iPhone but I'm totally lovin' the mobile theme!
  20. KrakaJap

    Funny AT&T Ad...

    Just got an email from AT&T about the AutoPay / $20 Gift Card offer. Down at the very bottom in the fine print it says: "AT&T also accepts bank draft, EFT, Discover Network, VISA, and American Express for bill payment, but an AT&T Gift Card is not provided when using these payment methods to...