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  1. imamac

    To-Do List - Before iPhone 5 Arrival

    Thinking through moving from my 4S to the 5... what should I be taking care of now to make the process even faster/smoother? I've purged some of the apps that I don't use. I made sure everything backed up to iCloud completely and will again on Friday morning. What else?
  2. imamac

    To engrave or not to engrave?

    I've never ordered a personal engraving on my Apple devices before but went for it this time on the new iPad. The ordering process seemed to make it a little easier or maybe it was highlighted a little more this time around. Anyone else get an engraving? What'd you go with? (I got my name in...
  3. imamac

    Advice please: Set up as NEW or RESTORE?

    Activating my new 4S... Activating on my son's phone number, then will switch sim cards after it's up and running. (Both are iPhone sims so they'll fit.) If I set up as a NEW iPhone, I can go back later and restore from a backup, correct?
  4. imamac

    Pre-switch To-Do list?

    Trying to make sure I have everything covered before my 4S gets here... Am I missing anything? - Update iTunes software to latest version - Update to IOS5 on Wednesday - Full sync and backup, downloading purchases made on phone - Buy new phone protection (optional) - Make sure I've got iCloud...
  5. imamac

    Data usage calculator

    I know you can check your past usage too but I found this AT&T data calculator interesting:
  6. imamac

    Prepping for your iPhone arrival

    I've been caught a couple times in the excitement of having my new iPhone in my hands, getting to iTunes, and then having to wait for a new iTunes update to download and install (slowly)! How frustrating! What else should be on the prep list? - update iTunes to latest version - back up current...
  7. imamac

    No iPhone tethering for iPad

    AT&T says yes to using your iPhone for tethering to a laptop but not for an iPad. That sucks. Something about the Bluetooth profile.
  8. imamac

    WiFi printing!

    I noticed the update to WePrint app mentioned wifi printing. And indeed, I opened th app to print something, clicked to print and there was my printer on my wireless network. I printed and it worked without going through a desktop app. Are there other apps that do this? Oh, and I'm using...
  9. imamac

    Apple case painted red

    I used Krylon spray paint, acrylic. Went on nicely in a few light coats. Seems water resistant, too.
  10. imamac

    It's here!

    Finally! I feel like I've been waiting a month! :) I heard the delivery man pull up and out the door I went, bare feet and all. He asked me what was in these boxes because he has "a million of them" to deliver today. I told him it was the iPad and he wasn't as nearly as excited as I hoped he...
  11. imamac

    "Late April" keyboard dock shipment progress!

    The keyboard dock that I ordered with my 3G iPad that had a ship date of "Late April" is now marked as Prepared for Shipment. Still, it says Late April but I'd love it if it meant they were shipping "Late April" items early! :) A girl can hope I guess. But I won't hold my breath either.
  12. imamac

    Is your oleophobic coating up to snuff?

    My iPhone oleophobic coating (OC) works great even after months and months of heavy use. But my iPad... i can see every fingerprint and smear. Is yours like that, too?
  13. imamac

    Have you allotted the whole day for the iPad?

    I know when I stood in line for my first iPhone and then got my 3Gs, (and my iMac, macbook, and MBP) I took the day off of work - and definitely cleared the weekend. What are your plans? Will you head to Panera or Starbucks to show it off? :ok:ok
  14. imamac

    No phone zone accessories?

    I've decided to make my car a "no phone zone" from now on. I have been guilty of texting at red lights and talking on the phone by holding it up to my ear in the past. My son is approaching driving age and I feel like I need to set a good example for him. So what accessories or applications do...