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  1. x666x

    iPhone officially jumps the shark! (Well if it wanted to)

    This is a proof of concept of a touch running Palm OS. Theres no beta, and no official word on anything, but you can bet I'm crossing my fingers for this one. I've got mountains of old Palm software I'd love to have access to on my iPhone. Begin crossing your fingers this gets released!
  2. x666x

    Anyone else lose all their NES roms with app update?

    I just noticed my whole NES folder is gone from my ROMs folder, lol! I don't mind replacing them, what I'm worried about is where they went. I don't want them wasting any space sitting somewhere never to be found. Anyone else run into this?
  3. x666x

    Hosting my own Source for a bit :)

    Edit- This Source is now Offline. I will be moving to a new Source which will be posted shortly. Howdy, by request I'll be hosting my own Installer Source to see how things fare with my host. Theres only a few things there at the moment, but I do plan on putting more things up over time. Mostly...
  4. x666x

    New iAno icon.png

    I really like the app, I just don't like the icon blaring so loudly on my screen. I'm thinking of redoing the title screen as well. In any case, you can download this below! Installation: Browse to your Applications folder on your iPhone, and locate the folder Open the folder and...
  5. x666x

    Screenshot and 1.1.3 *WARNING*

    The Short Version: Restarting your iPhone/Springboard with Screenshot still running will ultimately disable all of your onscreen buttons, save for launching apps. You will not be able to press anything inside of any app and will have to force quit it to exit. To fix it, you need SSH running...
  6. x666x

    The next "Big App" for folks who enjoy playing Music

    I've been smitten with PocketGuitar since it was released. I put more time into that application than anything on my iPhone, including the Phone feature itself, lol. That said, the Guitar is new to me, and not my native tongue when it comes to hashing out melodies that are stuck in my head...
  7. x666x

    Tutorial - PDF to Safari & Splitting large PDFs (Mac)

    View Local PDF Files & Split Large PDFs This quick tutorial explains how to view local PDF files on your iPhone using Safari. Because Safari has a file size limit, files over 5-6 megs will need to be split into smaller files. This will also be covered, although for Mac only for the time being...
  8. x666x

    How to show your Wallpaper without Dock on 1.1.3

    This mod allows you to show off your background like you could on 1.1.2 by using Dock. To the best of my knowledge, Dock doesn't work in 1.1.3 anymore :( With a little tinkering with webclips I've stumbled on a way to achieve the same results. Now I just flick left or right to access my icons...
  9. x666x

    Fix CameraApp to save Photos in 1.1.3

    For those of you that use CameraApp, you may have noticed have noticed that 1.1.3 breaks the program from saving photos >.> doh! Here's a very simple fix: Create a symlink to DCIM in your /var/root/Media directory. Open a Terminal window: For Mac, in Finder Go>Utilities->Terminal For Mac...
  10. x666x

    BossPrefs replaces Services Nicely

    I've been using Services for a while now, and noticed that I could never get my SSH to turn back on without first restarting my iPhone once the service was disabled. I'm not running into that problem at all anymore with BossPrefs, and as a bonus its fairly customizable. I have it displaying...
  11. x666x

    Cosmopod - Utube/DlyMotion/Gvideo -> iPhone <--Download Link I stumbled upon a great little plugin for Safari today called Cosmopod. What it does is detect any sort of streaming media on the page. Once it sniffs something out it enables a little button sitting in your safari tool bar that will...
  12. x666x

    Tutorial - Mac & PC 1.1.3 Jailbreak (1.5-2hrs)

    Foreward: This guide was originally written by psybert of the Hackint0sh forums. You can visit this original forum post here: I have edited his post to also support Mac users as it was originally written for PC users. I've also...
  13. x666x

    Poof: Hide Icons in 1.1.3

    If you're like me, you've got a springboard page devoted to all the little icons you just don't want to see on your main page... Argh but now I've got one extra dot under my icons, one that I'll never visit... What to do? Poof! It's basically just the show and hide part of Customize...
  14. x666x

    For people who like to sync at work and home:

    I have manually updated SwapPhotos and SwapTunes for 1.1.3 so that it looks in the "mobile" directory now for the files it should swap. You can download these updates below for a manual install. Drop them into your Applications directory and give them their 755 permissions accordingly...
  15. x666x

    Official Dev Team 1.1.3 Jailbreak Released

    This has been tested and verified to work Email works Custom and Default Ringtones work iTunes identifies iPhone as 1.1.3 Calls work (I am not an Unlocker but it should be no different) Find Me works if you run Locate Me at least once per restart No fuss or messy patchwork It is highly...