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  1. bluefox

    do we lose multitaksing if JB?

    So I am curious if we lose mutlitasking if we jailbreak? I know we can see the icons if we do it, but more curious if they close fully when you exit out of them. Seems like when I close an app then get back into it later it's like starting from scratch rather than having it already open. (hope...
  2. bluefox

    Theme issue?

    So I jailbroke my iPhone 4S (5.0.1, untethered) and downloaded a few themes (for ios 5.0.1) and all the icons change to the theme except mail and music. Is this something wrong with my phone or what? How can I fix this? Also on certain themes when I open a foler and it opens up, the backround...
  3. bluefox

    Adding music help!

    Hello, So I want to add music to my jailbroken iPhone (3GS) but don't want to lose any thing. How would I go about doing this? I noticed that the box for manually adding music is not checked (iTunes). Thanks!
  4. bluefox

    Folder issue on iPhone 4

    So I just jailbroke my buddies iPhone 4 (finally got him to do it!(: ) but there is a problem with the folders. After I showed him how to do some basic stuff and installed a random theme (which worked good) the folders were acting up. Once in the folder it would revert back to the old backround...
  5. bluefox

    Help upgrade!

    So i want to upgrade my iPhone running 4.1 with 5.14.02 firmware and want to upgrade to 4.3.2 but don't fully know how to do it. I searched and found ways by upgrading it through iTunes than re-jailbreak it but I thought that was possible. Any help? Very nervous about doing it cause I love my...
  6. bluefox

    Apps won't run, please help

    So I need some help with my apps. Some of them wont work. I will start off by saying they are up to date. The problem is when I open certain apps the will either load or try to load and then close on their own. Example: I have video lock on my phone, loads up fine, put in my password, shows my...
  7. bluefox

    lock screen messed up!

    So my lock screen is telling me I need to go into settings and lock info. Well when I do this (first time i've ever had to do this) it says my trial period has ended. I don't remember downloading anything on a trial period and have had the same lock screen for about 2 weeks now. Using a HTC lock...
  8. bluefox

    Theme help/questions

    So I installed a Nexus theme today and want to know how to change my lock screen so it says the right city for the weather. Or how can I make my cydget work? I try to install cydget apps and then go to lock screen order but it never opens up. Running 4.0 on a 3GS. Thanks!
  9. bluefox

    Sync problems

    So i'm trying to sync my music to my iPod and for some reason it wont sync all my songs. I'm missing aabout 30 songs on my iPod. They are checked, settings set to sync all, etc. For the life of my I can't figure out how to get it to sync everything. Any ideas?
  10. bluefox

    Photos for contacts...

    So is there a way to add pics to my contacts (all or most) at once from facebook? Not much of a facebook guy but I got biteSMS and want to have peoples pics next to there contact info, sick of looking at blanks.
  11. bluefox

    Icons in text?

    So is there an app to download where I can insert icons such as a smiley face or frowning or what ever ( :) :( ) like those < so I don't have to use : and ) to do it? I know it can be done but I just don't know where to look for the app that will allow it.
  12. bluefox

    Help me customize!

    So i'm very new to jailbroking, and I searched but i couldnt find anything. I'm curious as to how you would add a calander to your backround with the icons on top (home screen), or how people change backgrounds in messaging app, or basically change every damn thing haha Just curious as to how...
  13. bluefox

    SMS apps?

    Which SMS is the best to use? I want to be able to mainly put pictures of who i am text but different backgrounds or fonts or anything else is fine too.
  14. bluefox

    more memory?

    So when i look at my memory/space used it only says 12mb (look at the drop down screen when locked) But if I go into the main settings and look I have so much more than that. When you jailbreak your phone is there only a certain amount of space that is used? Does it partition itself meaning.
  15. bluefox

    Problems with themes

    So im new to jailbreak so sorry if this is a noob question. When i download themes it sometimes doesn't seem to download fully. They leave little boxes with question marks in them. Am I doing something wrong or did i not install something right?
  16. bluefox

    Please help! Downloading Jailbreak Program

    So trying to download the program (any) to get my phone to start jailbreaking and it wont even download. Will it not download if im running vista? Have 4.1 running on the phone so wont work :(
  17. bluefox

    New to jailbreak

    So im new to the idea of jailbreak but like the idea that you can do dang new anything to it if its jailbroken. Any adivce to a newb? Love my iPhone and don't want to wreck it :dft010:smiling
  18. bluefox


    So is jailbreaking your iPhone the only way to customize your icons and fonts and so on so on? New to this iPhone world and love it just want to be able to customize it my way.