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  1. projectdarkside

    Anyone heard of "Cretouch"?

    I think I was actually browsing the EiC forums when I saw an ad for these awesome cases, and when I looked at them they reminded of a company called "vaja" who also makes good quality leather casing...anyways what do you guys think of this case? -Sorry I couldnt post a pic it said image was too...
  2. projectdarkside

    I know some of you may be in the same boat as me

    I'm very happy with my iPhone 2G especially after Rick gave it to me for basically free, but like anyone I see all the cool commercials from Apple and seeing friends having the new iPhones and new apps that I CANT USE cause Im still on 2.2.1 and ya kno I wanna try some of those things such as...
  3. projectdarkside

    Hows it going EiC :-D

    I see the site has changed ALOT! :-D Its looking fantastic with plenty of new members and more lively than ever! :-) Well...its PDS just passing through later bros:dft012:wink
  4. projectdarkside

    What's a nice "clean" "mature" looking case :)

    Im looking for a new case for my iPhone since I lost my Sena Ultraslim :( -I think it was inevitable that it would soon come up missing since it was a "sleeve" case where you just take the iPhone out to use it...and now Im looking for a case that is actually a "case" that will actually cover up...
  5. projectdarkside

    Black or Brown Wallet?

    Well I know the wallet itself isn't really that important just the money the wallet is holding, but since I got my "Bonus" from McDonalds...$31 DOLLARS!... I want a new wallet and have found some nice ones on eBay for a pretty good price. Im -The thing I cant decide on is if I should get the...
  6. projectdarkside

    Jailbreaking/Unlocking 2G iPhone

    Alright thanks to the help of Psylichon their really is an unlock for the 2G iPhones so I'm ready to update :2cool: -. . .But How do I go about doing that? Btw I have these apps from cydia than I wanna use AppBackup and AptBackup...How do I make these work successfuly?:laugh2:
  7. projectdarkside

    What was that app?

    I remember Sav telling me about an app in Cydia that will allow your iPhone to be traced back to you if it were to come up stolen or something:gasp:
  8. projectdarkside

    Who's gonna be in line for iDay3!

    I hope to also be in that line with the lawn chairs and stuff waiting for the iPhone v3:2cool:
  9. projectdarkside

    My turn for jailbreaking help :)

    Alright I started Jailbreaking with WinPwn cause when I opened the box and turned the iPhone were at the "connect to iTunes" screen. -I plug it into iTunes and it wants me to activate it with ATT... So I cancel it and start the WinPwn proces since it activates the iPhone unlike the...
  10. projectdarkside

    What steps should I take to upgrade jailbroken iPhone to 2.1

    Well the iPhone I am buying is Jailbroken to 1.1.4firmware... Of course I want to update to the 2.1 firmware but I've read some horror stories that you can brick an iPhone if you try to update it that far in the future:gasp: -What steps should I take to make sure that this jailbreaking goes as...
  11. projectdarkside

    The EiC ModSquad

    Since Ive been active here at EverythingiCafe the modifications section of this forum has always been one of the busiest. -From members wanting assistance with JailBreaking an Unlocking to members needing help with various settings such as SSH'ing:laugh2: Helping people with their iPhones is...
  12. projectdarkside

    Is it true that the 4gb was discontinued...

    ...because of Hardware flaws:gasp: -My friend who has an 8gb iPhone was telling me that our friend Zac has a 4gb iPhone and that the home button doesn't always work, or the silent/vibrate switch and sleep/wake button doesn't always register. He says thats apart of the reason it were discontinued...
  13. projectdarkside

    Happy 4,000th post!

    Happy 4,000th post:laugh2: -ThankYou EiC:wink:
  14. projectdarkside

    What do you guys think of the Sena ultraslim

    I found this awesome case made by a company called Sena, and this iPhone case is a sleeve type case that is also leather and I think it would be great buy cause Ive read many reviews and they've ALL been positive, but of course at the end of the day its EiC's opinion in which will help me...
  15. projectdarkside

    Best case's when security is an important factor?

    What types of case's are the best when the security of your iPhone is an improtant factor:gasp: -A holster type of case?
  16. projectdarkside

    I Joined the Wrestling Team!

    I am so happy :) -This will be the first sport I have ever played in my life(team wise), and Im ready for the training and hardwork its gonna take for me to win a "couple" matches lol! Alot of people say that most first time beginners like myself wont win their first match, and I wanna be the...
  17. projectdarkside

    Has the iPhone 3G been unlocked yet?

    Eventhough I am very well happy with my v1 iPhone/2g iPhone a few of my friends are getting the 3Gs and now I'm starting to want one also with their pursation to "upgrade":tounge: -The only problem is that I probably could get an iPhone 3G on At&t "now", but their iPhone plans are way too...
  18. projectdarkside

    How do I re-sync iPhone without data loss?

    Before I start I really need to get a new laptop cause my current laptop has crashed over 7x!:angry: Alright my iPhone was synced with the before crashed laptop and after I restored my computer back to its Factory settings for the 8th time I proceeded to downloaded iTunes and all the stuff...
  19. projectdarkside

    Can you save text messages?

    Can you save text message's?:gasp: -I mean saving it to your computer, for say "proof" or whatever haha!
  20. projectdarkside

    My procrastinating is getting horrid!

    My procrastinating is getting really bad to where it's been like a month since school started and I'm already failing 2 classes! What's odd is that the most important subject to me that being geometry is one of the classes I'm failing :( -What happens is that when I get home I'm too tired to...