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    How you can help everythingiCafe on iPhone 5 launch day

    Okay, just posted to my FB since lots of friends have iPhones & iPads ;)
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    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    I remember when the new iPhones first came out and my husband and I were determined that we weren't going to spend that kind of money on a phone. Usually I would get a new phone and he would get my old one because he's so good at dropping or drowning his. This year I'd gone Christmas shopping...
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    Daily iPhone App Giveaway: Pocketbooth for iPhone

    I'd have to go with the water slides at Boom-a-rang Bay!
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    Daily iPhone App Giveaway: Bluetooth OnOff

    It's amazing that I can find out about the latest apps and updates with the 'speed' that EIC gets them to me! Way ahead of everyone else!