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  1. ChemicalWeather

    InvisibleShield + Case?

    for those of you who have an invisible shield on your phone do you keep it in a case also? Obviously the shield provides against scratching and whatnot but what about falls (denting)? I love the idea of invisibleshield but i am just not sure about it yet, also i know this has been...
  2. ChemicalWeather

    Litho Theme

    the litho theme has been my favorite for a while now and ive tried searching but couldnt find out anything about it. I was just curious if anyone happened to know how the creator went about making the icons to look like this, i'd like to make my own sliders to fit the theme and maybe some other...
  3. ChemicalWeather

    iPhone not syncing?

    i plugged in my iPhone today and went into iTunes and it is just not showing up in the list.. the only thing i did was install ishare, which i deleted and still nothing, anyone have any ideas? ;\ thanks in advance EDIT: apparently even ibrickr isn't recognizing it now... this sucks
  4. ChemicalWeather

    iPod touch is part iPhone?

    i'm sure some of you have probably seen this on digg already but i thought i'd share with those who haven't "Apparently Apple takes the time to remove functional code like allowing you to input calendar events but doesn't bother to change the "iPhone is disabled" text shown when you lock...
  5. ChemicalWeather

    Photo Albums on PC

    i feel stupid asking this but i haven't been able to find anything through searching, but anyway i was just wondering how do you create a photo album to put on your iPhone when using a PC? right now all i can do is upload photos from a folder and they just go into my photo library, thanks in advance