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    iPhone and text messaging

    Text messaging sucks...they should do away w/ text messaging. Why text messaging when you can do IM or email. See the only reason text messaging exist is because in the beginning, no cellphones can have access to Wi-FI! But now that THEY DO, text messaging should be abandoned in favor of IM or...
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    Will The iPhone record video and shuffle songs

    No record video....probably taking pictures only! It's a weak 2.0MP cam...that's why Apple never show off the cam feature wheather in ads or conference. It's just not a good cam! 2.0MP cam is outdated.
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    Sidekick 3 or iPhone?

    This thread should be labeled as "Nokia N95 or iPhone?" I think it's tied when comparing both N95 and iPhone. WHY? Well first of all N95's 5.0MP and GPS just totally destroyed iPhone and add that with the fact that it is able to do everything iPhone does...and more. On the other hands...
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    iPhone Features Requests

    iPhone has no video recorder? Amazing!
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    Data Plan Must!

    Really dumb if they force people to get data plan and it's a MUST in order to use things like push email. This shyt should be free if i am using my WI-FI which has nothing to do with AT&T data service. IT's like buying a computer and still charge people for browsing the net even though the...
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    Pissed about no iChat?

    They want to charge people for instant messages...that's why there is no ichat. They're greedy bastards! First of all, it makes no sense to handicap a device's ability to do IM on the phone with wi-fi because everyone can pretty much do this on their why not allow users to do...
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    honestly guys take a good look at this iPhone killer

    Nope i don't like a standalone device. I like a phone that does everything! Therefore, N95.
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    honestly guys take a good look at this iPhone killer

    It all depends on one's preference and how you rank them. For me a 5.0MP camcorder is as important as a web browser or multi-touch screen. So this is how i rank the features. 1-10 (one being the least important and 10 being most important) 1. 5.0MP video recorder (rank 10) 2. Web Browsing...
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    iPhone camera support horizontal or vertically orientation?

    Apple need to come out w/ a 2nd generation iPhone that have 5.0MP cam, GPS support, replaceable battery, SDcard slot, 3G, ichat, browser w/ flash support, media player (that run and play different video formats when click through browser). IF they have those stuffs i mentioned above.....they will...
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    INTERVIEW: Google Apps, Subsidizing, Features

    So you have to pay to browse? Give me a freaking break...this thing should be FREE like you use internet from home. I don't pay for browsing at HOME! I pay for the internet only. They better not talking about charging for browsing using wifi. If it's browsing using their service...sure i...
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    iPhone Features Requests

    So in other word, future iPhone will never have at least a 5.0MP cam recorder since obviously they would not expand the size.
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    Better than any other phone?

    WOw i didn't know iPhone has GPS, replaceable battery, TV out, 5.0MP camcorder, flash memory support, FM radio, 3rd party support, 3G!
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    And in 2008 the technology is even is 2009 and on and on...that's a fact!
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    Better than any other phone?

    the only advantage iPhone have over Nokia N95 is the touch screen....and quick friendly usage...that's it. Nokia has everything plus the 5.0MP cam and GPS. It's funny people defend iPhone even if there are obvious weakness in its feature.
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    N95 video recording is the best out there in term of cellphone. I watch a lot of videos so i know what i am talking about. 5MP of Nokia compare to 2MP of iPhone is a no brainer.
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    Better than any other phone?

    Why ask Cannon when you can get it from Nokia N95?
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    "Push" E-mail

    I know what you mean but technically, it's the same thing. Going to a website seeing an icon w/ mails...or viewing it on a convenient little inbox. The idea is the same...just more convenient.
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    iPhone Features Requests

    yes but it's only 2.0MP which is weak and not clear. You got to come out w/ at least a 5.0MP video recorder like Nokia N95!
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    Download music and video through web browser?

    Directly into the phone? Is this possible? If not they better make it happen. Also they need to incorporate some kind of Windows Media Player that load up a movie when you select a list of movies on a webpage. OR for You tube, load up a flash player to play that particular flash...
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    iPhone Competitor

    Nokia N95 already had it beat w/ 5.0MP video recorder and GPS