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    Interviewed in line?

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone here got interviewed by their local news station while waiting in line. All the news stations in my area came to the AT&T store where I was and I gave one of them an interview. On a side note, I love my new iPhone! I'm using it right now. :)
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    Yahoo email?

    OK, I don't know anything about email. That said, this may be a very stupid question. I have a Yahoo email address, the free kind, not Yahoo Mail Plus. The free kind doesn't work in Mail (I'm talking about the Apple app) because it doesn't work with a POP3 email client. 1. In the activation...
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    Anyone camping in Ohio? I would, but I like the "casual drive-by the local AT&T store" method every hour. :smile: If you are getting an iPhone in Ohio, please share the city. I'm in Toledo.