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    phone button not working

    ive searched for this and couldnt find anything. I cant use it at all it will open but then it will automatically close. I have VMs I need to check and it wont let me. Ive tried to reset it and that wont work.. It started happening after I jailbroke my phone. I got cydia off but I cant get...
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    cycorder transfer to computer

    heres my deal. I jailbroke my 3g and got the cycorder because I was going to a concert. So I got video from the concert and I want to transfer it to my computer but ive watched youtube videos and I don't understand a word of what they are saying. SO hopefully someone here will be able to speak...
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    iPhone 3G questions and concerns

    I am new to the whole iPhone thing. I was wondering because someone had told me that if you jailbreak your iPhone that it voids your warranty and if AT&T finds out that they can disconnect your service. is this true or a bunch ob bull? cause I really want to Jailbreak it. please don't flame. this