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    Gorgeous Concept iPhone 6 Pro renders!

    Now THIS is absolutely stunning. What a design. And nothing impractical either.
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    I've stopped posting because I can't find any threads I want to post in.

    Ever since the change to jumble together everything about the iPhone under one subforum I usually can't seem to find anything to post in. I really don't understand why the organized breakdown of the different iPhone topics had to be axed. Where are the rumor threads? Where are my iPhone 3G...
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    OMG guys, my new white iPhone 4 is here

    Well, not really lol, but I am getting tired of anyone that gets the white face plates making a new thread immediately to let us know. It's not unique anymore guys, you can stop posting it like you just took a snapshot of a white tiger not in captivity.
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    Piss Poor Article about the new iPhone 4 on Yahoo

    5 big blemishes? Most of the things they list are technically not even negatives even if they were accurate. And right on the front page of Yahoo.
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    AT&T Phone Allotment? How Many Do They Get?

    I want to go late night/early morning and just wait to get one, no reservation, no pre order. I looked around here but couldn't find the info. How many iPhones does a typical ATT carry in stock for launch? Obviously I don't care to count the reserves/pre orders. Just for walk in customers. I am...
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    Shazam Not Working?

    I am trying to use Shazam, but the damn thing just says "working" and it doesn't do that timer circle around the logo in the center. It just sits there indefinitely. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it (I realized after the fact that I lose all my tags this way...f*ck!) but I still have the same...
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    Any news on 2.1?

    We haven't heard much about the upcoming software update. There was more talk a few weeks ago, but nothing new has been announced or rumored the way updates usually are. Apple does have an event coming up on September 9th. Anyone think they will use this as an opportunity to announce a new...
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    Apple testing fix for iPhone 3G signal issues!

    Well ladies and gentlemen, it may not be official yet, but it looks like Apple realizes the signal problem with their new iPhone 3G and are working on a software fix. Read the article in this link. Definitely a step in the right direction...
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    Too Much To Ask For A Custom Equalizer?

    No matter what earphones I use, the iPhone still doesn't sound as good as my 10 year old portable cd player and it's because of the lack of a real equalizer. None of the presets are powerful enough or tuned to my tastes. Actually, all the presets sound almost exactly like one another. Why...
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    iPhone 3G Looks - Did they let you down?

    Is anyone else a little bummed out with the design of the new iPhone? I know I am. Not only is it practically unchanged from the original, but the one significant change they added (a white phone) is only available on 16 GB models. Sure the new one is black instead of aluminum, but what about...
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    Could Not Activate EDGE

    Hey everyone. Seems that I have been without EDGE for about an hour in the NYC area. Anytime I try to open a webpage, it gives me the titled message. Wifi works fine and I can make/receive calls and texts. Is this some type of outage or do I have a problem with my phone? Thanks guys.
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    Huge improvement in Safari coming soon?

    This article is from February, but is noteworthy nonetheless. It discusses huge improvements currently being worked on and experienced in Webkit, Safari's pre-beta relase version. Speculation is for a release date around the time of the new 3g iPhone, or summer, whichever comes first. I am sure...
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    Manually Unistalling...App is not in directory!

    I decided to install We Spot, that new game where you have to find the differences between the two pics. When I installed it, it would crash when I tried to start a new game. So I decided to reinstall it. But, when I tried to uninstall it via Installer, I get "main execution script failed." I...
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    Kinda Strange Service Question:

    Which carrier's fault is it if I keep on receiving the same damned texts over and over? I have 3 or 4 texts from a verizon customer's phone coming over and over again for over an hour!
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    iTunes says my iPhone has a problem, but everything works great in 1.1.3 JB!

    I decided to go for 1.1.3. and did this via the Dev Team's method, and did not choose hacktivation. Everything went smoothly. I started the process from step 10, since I was jailbroken at 1.1.2 already. The problem started when I tried to sync to iTunes. I connect the iPhone, and I get this...
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    iPhysics 1.0

    I post this in a new thread because no one will find the updated posts in the other. iPhysics 1.0 is out! Go check it out/update your software. Look it up here: Like I said in the other thread, you must checkout ipinball. It really is a...
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    New App - Locations

    This one is quite awesome folks. You search for a webcam on google, and then you input the url in the app. Then, boom you got the webcam on your iPhone! It lists the webcams you entered in a similar fashion as the native youtube app lists search results. Then you can bring them up full screen...
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    Alleged leaked Macworld Keynote

    Leaked Macworld 2008 Keynote? by kameron This is an excerpt of a supposed leaked keynote highlighting details about the iPhone for this coming MacWorld 2008. As with anything “leaked”, take it with a grain of salt. (Source: Void Inside) iPhone - Best iPod ever - Sales figures, market share -...
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    Screen Going Dark after Depressing the Home Button

    Ok, this has happened only once before, and it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I thought I should mention it since someone else might be experiencing the same thing. When the screen is off, in other words, when the phone is lying around when not in use, and I press the home button to get me to...
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    Landscape Springboard

    I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if we could have a homescreen where the icons would turn to the side like safari does. Is there anything out there that enables such a feature? I'm surprised no one has thought of this. Or, maybe they have and it's just not possible?