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  1. PhatKid

    Free add custom ringtones to iPhone

    Does anyone have a link to a download of 7.4.2 (3)?
  2. PhatKid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    You can use the Summerboard application. In the preferences turn on "Hide Icon Labels" and/or "Hide Dock Labels."
  3. PhatKid

    Ringtones - Licensing - Don't blame Apple

    It's admirable that you to have respect for the artist. That's part of the reason these tones from songs will continue to be made: some people would rather pay for a product so that the artist and anyone else entitled to royalties can make their money, and also because not everyone knows (or...
  4. PhatKid

    iPhone System Sounds & Ringtones - Free

    I'd hope not, but that's possible.
  5. PhatKid

    Battery drain and third party apps

    Ah, I thought I was the only one. I dislike that. But I'm not willing to give up the third party apps for the longer life. Hopefully it'll work out eventually.
  6. PhatKid

    SNES emulator?

    Almost anything is possible.
  7. PhatKid

    Major Update coming at Media Event Tuesday?

    I saw that picture with the new icon while browsing the Apple page the other day. Makes sense an update would be in the near future.
  8. PhatKid

    App/Site for Streaming Music? Looks Like You're Using the iPod?

    Yeah, use SeeqPod as mentioned before. It's pretty swell.
  9. PhatKid

    anySIM Voids warranty?

    No, it's not.
  10. PhatKid

    Ringtones - Licensing - Don't blame Apple

    I guess it'd be nice to know that what you're doing is legal, but really I don't think most people are going to stop their little hacks making ringtones (mastertones) out of songs in their library, legal or not.
  11. PhatKid

    iPhone hacker gets 350z in exchange for unlocked iPhone

    Sounds like the time I got a house in exchange for my hacked iPod.
  12. PhatKid

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    I don't understand why people are losing their notes when they restore. I've had to restore my phone several times for various reasons and I have always gotten my notes back.
  13. PhatKid

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    I'll wait.
  14. PhatKid

    So, has anyone bricked their iPhone yet?

    You're holding the home and sleep buttons for the full needed time for the "connect to iTunes" logo to pop up?
  15. PhatKid

    will iPhone get flash? Not sure...

    I don't see the fact that YouTube has a widget as an argument against the phone getting flash. You could bookmark Google Maps and just use that, but the widget makes it easier. You can get stocks and weather in other places, but widgets add to the ease. I see YouTube's widget as both a marketing...
  16. PhatKid

    Do you still use your iPod?

    I barely use my iPhone for music. I have almost 5000 songs on my iPod and obviously they wont all fit on my phone. I only put around 200 or so on it so I can listen when I'm working out or when I decide not to take the pod with me.
  17. PhatKid

    iPhone froze...

    Well, the phone is a mini-computer. It's bound to freeze sometimes.
  18. PhatKid

    New Books Application

    Check out the new It's an application that runs directly from your iPhone and lets you view eBooks. It just reads HTML and text files of your books that you've downloaded. Hopefully they wont mind me posting this, but check out the thread...
  19. PhatKid

    Envy breeds Hate. An iPhone love story

    I posted something about this before. Like you say, it's just envy most of the time. It's just like bullies. The reason they bully is that they have some kind of issue they're dealing with. Same with haters. They may be envious or just plain ignorant. On the other hand they may have actually...
  20. PhatKid

    So what's the big deal about Apple?

    I know from my experience that Apple is just more user friendly. When I had issues with my MacBook, I took it to the store and they worked on it. Their first diagnosis didn't work, but the second time they sent it off and I got it back 3 businesss days later working excellently. They have great...