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    Face time problem

    Try this, add "" and search for " mms and face time fix". Also "" you can add that source and download their fix. Hope you figure it out.
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    Camera flash issue w/case

    I got a ifrogz case from BB for the phone cutouts around camera and flash. Took a couple of pics and noticed flash reflection apparently the part of the case that is around the flash kicks the light back into the lens. First 2 pics taken w/flash w/case on. Last pic taken w/case off. Took...
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    Motorola and Verizon Pump Out Droid X Ad Ripping iPhone 4's Antenna

    So, why don't they mention droid x won't have flash when it's released?
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    SWEEET! Just called Best Buy....

    Supposedly BB not doing preorders either at this point Note they state you may have preordered but it doesn't mean you're guaranteed one on the 24th.
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    Does Going First Mean That Much To You? Or does it matter with delivery?

    last year preordered 3GS about a week after it was online. still got my iPhone on release day.
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    How Can Apple Do This Legally?

    It's all in how you stroke people. My hdd crashed and lost all my iTunes content. I sent a really sad email to them stating I understood that they could do nothing for me but that I'd appreciate any help they could give and asked for a listing of my purchases so I could buy them again. Got a...
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    USB Adapter - Camera Only?

    youtube video on cck This guy does a pretty thorough job of reviewing the cck.
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    iPhone user beware of AT&T

    You know I don't necessarily agree with the other guys arguing this but I know I sure don't agree with your assessment. That is a real sheeple mentality and it is the main reason big businessses like ATT feel they can get away with doing stuff like this(because the majority of the sheeple like...
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    How to activate 3GS

    FWIW my prepaid sim works just fine in my 3gs.
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    How to Wipe an iPhones Memory

    Nope 3g no faster. Erased my 3g when 3gs came in . Told me it'd take 2 hours and it took 2 hours.
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    Laptop tethering

    Not to mention just how terrible it would look on your permanent record!
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    Bluetooth pariing issue...

    I had bluetooth pairing issues also. I found an old post on some obscure forum. The poster had issues pairing w/bluetooth and turned his auto lock to "never". This fixed his problem and actually it fixed mine too. May not work for you but you never know til you try.
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    3GS won't charge on car charger

    I've had a belkin ipod car charger since v1 and it has worked for 3g and also works for 3gs. Just used it yesterday in the car. The belkin unit is about $20 in the stores.
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    3GS up and running!

    activated on Sat. took less than a minute. course, I put my sim from the old 3g in then connected to iTunes. still have the original sim from v1 that I just switched to 3g to activate then did that again with 3gs.
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    Those guys on eBay selling "Many iPhones"

    Why does it matter so much to you?
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    My PC crashed. What do I do now?

    buy a mac!
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    Sirius on iPhone

    starplayr is dead.
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    Booked in at Genius Bar --- will they have a problem ?

    since iPhones haven't been around for 2 years they probably thought yours was a fake.
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    iPhone virgins... be careful!

    This is probably BS but it's funny.
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    Apple Becoming Synonymous With Petty

    I've learned that when people say "Hey, it's the principle" it's usually all about the money. And BTW, Apple did do "the right thing" in "giving" you the 5 cent charger. Just not "the right thing" in the way you're thinking. They bribed you with 5 cents to get your $400.