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    Update 7.4 Out

    So the new update with the ringtones tab is out, but now how do we actually get the ringtones? Do we make em ourselves, and how do we locate them through iTunes?
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    iPhone TV appearances

    First time we see him he had two phones in both of his hands, swore one of them was the iPhone, idk.
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    Where glass meets the chrome

    Or your Ex.
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    iPhone TV appearances

    Ari had one on the last Entourage episode, I'm pretty sure.
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    Crystal Film Set

    does the film stretch on to the chrome sides, like where people are saying they have damages from the incase?
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    Major Myspace Problem

    during my playing with it at the Apple store, i could never even get onto the myspace page. should be 1 week and counting until i get my own iPhone though!
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    Bono is on my iPhone - and yours - Permanantly!

    it looks like the mic is pointing up in the icon, while down in the picture.
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    What's your "WOW!" thing when you show off the iPhone?

    Even though I don't have an iPhone yet... my dad was WOWed at Youtube itself.
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    Next Shipment?

    Understandable, about the holiday. Hmm... well hopefully I can get my hands on one soon...
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    Next Shipment?

    OKAY, so according to the updated iPhone Availability search... the iPhone is sold out in all but 2 Apple stores in the country. So now what? And better, when?
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    How do I charge the battery?

    if this is fake, funny. if this is real, even funnier. must be fake, username seems pre-meditated.
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    Who ‘ya Gonna Call First?

    My girl, rub it in, then everyone else who thought I wouldn't get one.
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    SIM card answer

    Hope so, that'd be great.
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    20.00 Unlimited DATA plan?

    interesting. this would be a dream come true
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    First 2 iPhone Campers Interviewed

    poor guy, i feel bad for him.
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    Are you worried about problems?

    yessir. nothin' major, probably some small things that can be ignored or not even noticed. not worried though, still gettin it.
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    why im not going to buy day 1

    sad to hear, but that's one more iPhone out there for someone to buy! btw, does your q have the iPod function?
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    False Advertising

    So how do you guys think the actual speed will be in comparison to what we've seen in commercials, the guided tour, etc... ?
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    Have you seen?

    It says iPnone!